1. jade says

    You should add homemade lip care products to the list. They are simple to make/can make in bulk for neighbour/acquaintance gifts, And you know it will be used as everyone can do with lip balm and lip scrub this time of year. Also it never hurts to throw in a moisturising lip gloss as shop bought ones can dry your lips (depending on which one you use
    I put all three in a little organza bag with instructions

    (Instructions are as below).

    Only use lip scrub every two weeks to avoid overexfoliating as lips are very sensitive
    Wet lips.
    1: Massage lip scrub onto lips (gently!) In small circular motions to get rid of dry/dead skin.
    2: Rinse and pat dry (gently!_do not rub).
    3: Apply lip balm to lock in moisture/aid skin rejuvenation and healing.
    Helpful hint: Do this before bed (or when you won’t be going out) so the lip balm works overnight before you expose your lips to the cold air.

    Write instructions on some cheap but pretty stationary paper __(Fold and put in bag or roll up like a scroll and tie it with a ribbon attaching bag to ribbon)__ and list the ingredients in each product to make sure they are not used by anyone with allergies/highly reactive skin. ie. I use coconut oil and sometimes sweet almond oil
    PS make sure to add average shelf life of each item (the use buy of the ingredient with the shortest time) as home made natural versions will never last as long as shop bought without adding preservatives
    Add vitamin e to all three (just a few drops in each) to extend lifespan and to heal skin quicker

    Sorry for the novel. I just thought since I was making the suggestion that I might as well be thorough.

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