Standing Clipboard Tutorial

by The Crafty Blog Stalker
I am really excited about the project that I am sharing with you today!  Last week I went to SNAP! A Creative Blogging Conference.  I had so much fun and learned a lot, but I would have to say my very most favorite part was my fun roomies.  We had 6 woman in a two bed hotel room.  We stayed up late and had some pretty interesting conversations.  We all decided to exchange roomie gifts and this is what I came up with.  
Aren’t they cute?  
And the best part is these cool clipboards stand up all by themselves!  If you want to see how, you will have to read further down the tutorial. -> Yeah, I’m mysterious like that! :)

To make these super cute Standing Clipboards you will need:
1 6×9 clipboard
1 solid piece of cardstock
1 piece patterned paper
1 frame (or at least just the back piece)
Standing Clipboard Tutorial
1. Cut the solid piece of cardstock to 5 11/16 x 8 11/16 inches
2. Put underneath the clip in the clipboard and put a pencil mark where the metal piece is. You will need to cut a piece out so the solid cardstock will fit nicely on the clipboard.
3. Measure how far in the metal piece goes so you will know how deep to make your notch
by The Crafty Blog Stalker
4. Measure out the area that needs to be cut using the marks and measurements from steps 2 and 3
5. Cut out the notch
6. The piece of card stock should fit in around the metal piece.  You may need to cut small adjustments so it will fit just right.
Standing Clipboard Tutorial
7. As you can see the square corners don’t look as nice
8. So take a Corner Rounder Punch to all four corners and they will fit the clipboard much better
by The Crafty Blog Stalker
9. Using your adhesive of choice put adhesive on the back of the solid cardstock, slide into place and then push down to secure
10. Out of the patterned paper cut a 5 x 7 inch square, round the corners like in step 8, add glue to the back and secure on top of the solid piece of card stock.  It is looking cute already but we aren’t finished yet!
Standing Clipboard Tutorial
12. Take a piece of a fun ribbon, I like the ribbon that is a little thicker
13. Tie a simple bow
14. To make the perfect ends on the bow take the length of ribbon coming out of the knot and fold in half
15. Cut in and up towards the folded side
16. Walah! perfect ends to your bow!
by The Crafty Blog Stalker
17. To attach the bow to the clipboard use some hot glue
18.  Look how cute! Only one more step and it is the mystery ingredient!
It is the back piece of a frame!  GENIUS!
Standing Clipboard Tutorial
19. Hot glue the back frame piece to the back of the clipboard
It’s all done!  So Cute!
by The Crafty Blog Stalker
Wouldn’t this look so cute on your desk as a way to keep notes or To-Do lists handy, or even holding a cute picture!  It could double as a frame!  So fun!
Here are all of the Standing Clipboards that I made.  I made them all a little different and I made 6 because I wanted one too!
Standing Clipboard Tutorial
What would you do with your own Standing Clipboard?


  1. says

    Katie I just love the clipboard I received from you! My daughter has been trying to steal it from me – so I think I need to make her one. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. says

    Pure genius! I have some crown paper….so I am off to find the back of a stand up frame…lol. I LOVE YOUR BACK TO TOP BOTTOM!!!! I would ask for directions….but I have challenges with blog stuff….I’ll just dream for now.


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