Pinterest Listerine Foot Soak Analysis

Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
I have a scary secret I am going to share with you and I am a little embarrassed about the whole thing.
I have gross feet.
And when I say gross I don’t mean gangly or that they smell funny because most the time they don’t.  But my heels get very very dry and cracked and the layers of dry nasty skin on my heals get so thick that I am sure I could walk across hot coals and I probably wouldn’t feel a thing.
I know wearing sandals and flip flops don’t help my feet and probably make them worse, but it is summer and I don’t want to wear heavy sweaty tennies.

Recently I have seen this picture posted on Pinterest all over the place for a Listerine Foot Soak.

Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
So my feet are full of dead skin that I want to just wipe off so I thought I would conduct a highly scientific research study on the matter.
Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
I used the generic brand of Listerine or Antiseptic Mouthrinse because it is cheaper and I figured I was putting my feet in it so I didn’t need to go all out with the name brand.
I have a nice big bowl that I use that both of my feet can fit in sitting flat so I 4x the recipe.
1 Cup Antiseptic Mouthrinse
1 Cup Vinegar
2 Cups Warm Water
Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
I soaked my feet for about 15 minutes
Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
I am sorry but I am going to show you a before and after picture of my feet so I hope it doesn’t gross you out (and they actually weren’t too bad to start off with – they have been much worse!)
Does the Listerine Foot Soak really work to easily remove dead skin? You'll never believe what I discovered.
After my research I have concluded that…
  1. The soak does feel very nice and the strong mint makes your feet tingle even after the soak is over and I really liked that
  2. You could not simply wipe the dead skin away like the pin said.  Wiping with a towel did nothing but dry my feet from the soak
  3. A pumice stone however did work at removing the dead skin but that works no matter what type of foot soak is done so I can’t attribute that to the Listerine Soak
My final conclusion is that I would do the foot soak again but not necessarily to remove the dead skin but more because it is a relaxing minty foot soak.
Have you ever tried the Listerine Foot Soak before?  What type of foot soak is your favorite?


    • Georgia Baker says

      Just do not do it before going out, especially if you plan to were sandals.
      My daughter and I did this together, and when we stepped out of the Listerine and vinegar bath,
      We laughed so hard!!!! our feet were blue. We did not see much happen, they were a little softer, and they were
      cool from the Listerine. My daughter and I did not like looking like smurf, But we did get a good laugh.

  1. says

    The “Ped egg’ works wonders. You can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Money well spent! My husband is diabetic so his feet need extra attention and can easily look like yours-sometimes worse. I then use a foot scrub. I think he would like the Listerine soak. Thanks!

  2. says

    I love your helpful comments and experiments from the pinterest site. So nice to have someone actually try them out and then tell us what works and what doesn’t!! I have done some that have been total flops!! Love your posts!! Thank you and keep up the great work!!

  3. says

    Your foot pictures are my feet on a good day. Thank you for the experiment, I was excited to try this and now I won’t waste my time.
    The ped egg does work but it is very time consuming.

  4. says

    I have done this, and it does work… over time! It’s something that has to be done daily for what seems like ever to get the really good results. Oh well! Oh, and I agree on the pumice stone. Those things are great for taking off loose, dead skin. Thanks for the review!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  5. says

    I found that adding a pre-made foot soak (I used AVON) to it and then using the pumice stone (along with the usual foot tools [that I do not know the correct term for]: the razor type tool that scrapes dead skin off, the cheese grater type tool, and the sand paper tool) then rinsing them off in the soaking water as well as scrubbing with a foot scrub (again, used AVON), then drying them off and massaging foot cream on your feet and finally putting on SOFT socks, works very well! HOWEVER, after using the soak, I LOVE to use the Mary Kay Satin Hands set (softening cream, scrub, and lotion. It works SO MUCH BETTER.

  6. says

    I have gross feet too, all cracked and peeling. I’ve seen this soak and wondered if it’d actually work. After reading this, I don’t think I’ll bother to try. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

  7. says

    Hi I have feet that look worse then yours. The only thing I found that sloughs off the dead skin is Zim’s Crack Creme it literally falls off unfortunately since I moved back to california very hard to find. I found it very easily when I lived in kentucky. Has anybody tried the fish that eat the dead skin off your feet soak at salons that’s also supposed to work never tried it.

  8. Nicky @ Pink Recipe Box says

    I have really dry and cracked skin on my feet, too. I remember reading about a Listerine soak and always meant to try it, but never got round to it. After reading your post, I’m glad I didn’t bother! I tried an Epsom salt soak which was meant to do the same thing – let me wipe the dead skin away – but that didn’t work either.

  9. says

    The secret is shaving cream! it’s a little less convenient, but cover your feet in shaving cream, then wrap with a listerine-soaked washcloth. I also have rough feet and was impressed by how well it worked on the first go.

  10. says

    Thanks for taking the time to review this pinterest pin. I love it when people do that! It helps us all to know what really works and what doesn’t. The foot soak sounds nice just for the minty tingle! :)

  11. says

    I tried it too and was disappointed – the minty part was nice but my feet were also a little green afterwards! had to rinse them off in plain old water.

    Thanks for posting – I was curious if anyone else has similar results


  12. says

    I made the honey try this. Horrible calloused heels. He doesn’t do pintrest. I told him he had to soak for a hour. It did remove some calloused skin. His feet were blue, but minty fresh. We have continued soaking once a week. Now we/he uses epson salt foot soak(Dr Teal). Same out come without blue feet. He still soaks for a hour. He doesn’t read directions either. I figured the extra time couldn’t hurt. Five weeks later of weekly soaking, scrubbing, bottles of lotion later. His feet are getting better. No magic bullet though. I wouldn’t waste my money on listerine foot soak.

  13. Julie says

    cool but my feet became blue!!!! I guess it will fade away after more soap. I washed them but they are still blue.

  14. Diana says

    This is suppose to be a natural cure for toenail fungus that is why. it’s not to remove the scaly feet..

  15. sUSAN COPEMAN says

    i think the secret is to use a mouthwash that has alcohol in it. I compared all the brands for ingredients since she was so specific in the original post. The only difference I found was the alcohol ( that’s why Listerine burns your mouth). Anyway, I did it with a generic brand that contained alcohol and it actually works. My feet are disgusting cracked and sometimes bleeding messes. I have used a Dremel sanding tool because the pumice stone didn’t get it all off. So, that’s my two cents. And, I did have to use the stone because the towel only removed the top looser skin, but, it did work. The cracks actually healed, as long as I do it once a week or so.

  16. Rachael McMeen says

    Totally worked!! I used Generic brand mouthwash and generic brand apple cider vinegar. Worked great aside from turning my feet blue I did double the recipe for my bucket size. And I used a pumice stone to slough off the dead skin but it seriously helped the callouses on my big toes and the dead rough skin on my heels. My boyfriend used to ask me to rub his itches with my heels because he didn’t have nails and now they are smooth as ever!!! Great tip and trick-I’ll use the orange mouth wash next time

  17. Jackie says

    I wasn’t a fan of this soak. It kind of dyed my feet green a little and I had to scrub really hard to get it all off. The minty smell was nice and relaxing but I think it’s kind of a waste of mouthwash. I wouldn’t do it a second time.

  18. Krystal says

    I have tried with the blue name brand listerine. Your feet to turn a bit blue but the callus doesn’t fall right off. Soak your feet in the mix, use a ped egg or I have one of the callus remover scrapes then dry your feet. It may be a long process but you feet do feel like you have had a spa pedicure without paying $40. For the dry skin around my toenails I use a scrub: 1tbsp brown sugar, 1tbsp baking soda and 1tbsp olive oil- it is the best scrub ever!

  19. Sophie says

    This worked really well for me and gave me better results than using just hot water and pedicure soap alone.
    I used a lot more water than what is called for because I wanted to soak up to my ankle and made it really hot (personal preference) plus I soaked for a lot longer than 15 minutes.
    It DID turn my feet and nails ever so slightly blue, but it literally wiped off with a towel when I took my feet out. It was awesome seeing the difference. I usually have to put elbow grease into scrubbing down my heels cause they get dry and cracked but when I took a pumice stone to my heel the dead skin just fell off and with a quick rinse after the wipe down my feet feel and look amazing! I have girly heels now! Yay!

  20. kinsey says

    Alternative way to do it that really softens the feet. Hot water, vinegar, and Listerine in equal portions. Soak two washcloths in it. Rub shaving cream all over your feet and wrap them in the washcloths. After about 20-30 minutes, take the washcloths off and dry your feet. Put lotion on them and wear socks to bed. I did this a couple of times, and I would make sure to put body butter on my feet before bed and after showering in the morning. Really helped! I have the same problem with cracking heels :-)

  21. Gillie says

    I am diabetic so have to be careful. A product called Heel Balm works well, put it on wear socks and do whatever for a while, then pumice, ALWAYS use pumice on wet skin. Do it overnight too. Then keep a pumice in the shower, last thing, with soap or cream or hair conditioner, pumice after every shower. Takes no time and stop the build up of hard skin. Put cream on feet every night before bed. Sorbolene is good. I put a hand grip on my shower wall so I could hold on and lift foot safely! You can stand in a large basin on safety grip mat of course to soak feet while in the shower too, weird but it works.

  22. Pat Jessup says

    I use a product called Callus Eliminator recommended by a pedicurist at a spa. I order it over the internet. It does work. A little ‘caustic’. Use protective glove to wipe on the bottom of your feet. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse well. I then remove dry skin by scraping with my fingernails followed by using a pumice

  23. Holly S. says

    I used this recipe with a squirt of blue dawn dish soap on the exterior of my windows. The hard water built up horribly over the years!! This actually took a good deal of it off. I used a scrubber/squeegee on them. Easy!! I tried this because nothing else I looked up worked and this worked alright on my feet so … Why not!?!? Thanks!! Not my ideal foot soak, but definitely my spring cleaning go to!!!

  24. Devin says

    I used the purple listerine, apple cider viniger, and water. No funky colored feet and my dead skin was falling off just while they were soaking. Sometimes cheaper may not be better?

  25. Debbie says

    I too have gross feet. I have literally tried everything. All to no avail. I am still on the lookout. The heal grater thing works for a short term. But I would really LOVE something that works at healing. Any suggestions will be lovely.

  26. Jane Ryan says

    I just did straight Listerine, the golden one. Not too bad. Added vinegar and will pursue that later. I also read that milk does a great job…must be the lactic acid. I will try that one too eventually. Great day!

  27. Deann says

    Thank you for all the comments, its very helpful. What works best for me, after all the cleaning of the feet, I put coconut oil
    ‘ your favorite lotion will work” then a plastic bag and socks over the plastic. Relax for 15 – 30 min. my feet feel great. PLEASE DON’T TRY TO WALK WITH PLASTIC ON YOU FEET. I hope this helps.

  28. Patti says

    I just did this using regular white vinegar and the purple listerine. The tingle from the mint afterward is amazing and makes tired feet feel wonderful. The dead skin didn’t just wipe off but I used my fingernails to scrape if off and lots came off. “Polished” with a thick towel after that and then rubbed on coconut oil and put on a pair of socks. Awesome feet afterward. I’ll do it again and recommend.

  29. Abby says

    I too suffer from cracked heels and if I don’t take care of them, they actually hurt! Anyway, I do have a solution for you that actually does work! First, you need to buy a wand-style cheese grater. This is the only thing that will get past the hard calloused skin. I know it sounds weird, but it’s exactly what the pedicurist uses on my feet at the salon. After getting out of the shower, lightly file your heels being careful not to go too hard (you’ll cut yourself). Once that is done, use a typical coarse/fine sandpaper foot file to smooth out the roughness. This next step is THE MOST IMPORTANT!!!… If you see a dermatologist, ask for a prescription for 40% urea cream, you can’t get it over the counter. It is synthetic urine (I know, gross!), but I’m telling you, IT WORKS!!! The lotion is a bit gritty/pasty and leaves a little white film on your heels, but if you rub regular lotion on top it seems to take care of it. I only have to do this “procedure” once a week and I NEVER get cracks anymore! I hope it helps.

  30. Tj says

    The listerine is good if you have any type of fungus or bactria under your toe nails. The VERY BEST THING THAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR FEET IS TO simply use VASELINE. Lather your feet with vaseline for a week. (I like to do this at night while I am asleep) put socks on over your lathered VASELINE feet, The skin will peel away after some time. Also it is a good thing to use a pumice stone while in the shower. I keep one in my shower to keep the dead skin away. If you try to remove too much of the callused skin to quickly you will have very sorry feet. Take if nice and slow. I also like the Mary Kay line that has 3 steps to it. It is good too, but I recommend doing this and or the vaseline once a week. That is after you have done this daily for a week straight. I promise it works.

  31. Tara Ware says

    I am always a bargain shopper except when it comes to a few things…peanut butter must be Jif…but mouthwash is mouthwash right??? Apparently in your mouth it is but not when it comes to the foot soak. Listerine brand actually works better for some reason. We tried both…and Listerine won hands down. Hope that helps those who want to try it…also soak for longer…the rougher the feet the longer the soak…we did an hour…combined with a scrub with the pumice to help it all come off.

  32. hannah belle says

    Hi, i was looking at this pin wondering if i should bother trying or not, well i guess this blog helped with the answer…not. i have never tried any foot soaks or anything like that, but what i find helps is slathering a few finger fulls of vaseline onto the bottoms of my feet, covering with a pair of socks and letting them sit for the night. In the morning just peel off the socks and your all set to go.

    Hope this helps :) thanks

  33. Boggywoggy says

    Nasty heels are a part of growing older! How to deal with them? Prevention!
    My shoe store clerk explained the process to me and my life has never been better! Never let the tough heels begin! I am a Birkestock wearer and they are the WORST for creating nasty heels! So, each night I make sure to clat my heels with a quality lotion before bed. I regularly use a rasp (I bought a micro-grater from a local kitchen store) after showering, creating a little pile of dead skin on the bathroom floor! once you get a crack in your heel, you’re going to be fighting the battle all summer long, so avoid, avoid, avoid!

  34. Melanie says

    The author says she quadrupled (4x) the recipe. Well, the price of the Vinegar is reasonable, but after checking at both and, I find the price of the Mouthwash (even the cheapest of brands) to be MUCH more than I would care to spend on a weekly regiment of this nature. At the same time (and after reading the other comments), I imagine that if I did decide to “spring” for the cost, I’d make it a point to purchase CLEAR Mouthwash rather than blue (or any other color), lol.

  35. Steph says

    My husband has similar feet issues, but he also has severe athletes foot which causes deep cracks in between his small toes. We do this to moisturize his feet, as well as to kill the foot fungus. He likes it because he feels like I’m pampering him, and I like it because I know it helps to disinfect and heal his toe cracks! 😉

  36. Dorothy says

    I use this foot soak all the time, however, I soak for approximately 30 minutes and yes the dry skin does come right off after each soak .. maybe it is that I am using the Listerine not the Equate brand.

  37. Genia says

    I just tried the Listerine, vinegar and warm water soak on my dry cracked heels. I used the brand Listerine in blue, white vinegar and almost hot water. I soaked for 45 minutes and ended up with smurf colored feet. The towel rub did nothing but dry my feet. I then used the pumice stone which did help remove the blue and some dry skin. It did not fall off as reported in the pin. I think the minty tingle was nice but I get equal results on my heels from a regular warm water soak. It was disappointing.

  38. michelle says

    I cannot speak to the curative properties of the soak for callus (and good grief, the woman who bought a microplaner to use on her feet is nuts! Those things are incredibly sharp!) my friend has had terribly cracked, peeling and callused hands for over a year. This soak is the first relief he has had after months of unsuccessful treatment by dermatologists. His hands are finally healing. Something in this concoction works. But please, dont use a micro plane on your body. Thats dangerous!

  39. Sarah says

    It works for me. I love it. It is so much easier to scrub my feet. I rub lotion on afterwards and put socks and shoes on. My feet feel so great.

  40. Mishelle says

    i tried this and it didn’t work at all. Pumice worked after the soak, but like you said works after any soak. I use the original mouthwash because I read the mint would turn your feet green, I guess that was wrong too.

  41. Drgnfly says

    I used nail-aid power gel callus b-gone and a pumice stone. Both from Walmart. $7 ish…and I soaked in a hot bath for about 30 min. Then I sat on the edge of the tub and used the gel. Followed the time limit. Then used the pumice stone. My feet are like a new born feet. Now I use the pumice stone every morning when I shower. My feet have stayed soft and smooth.

  42. GIcha says

    thank you. I tried once n nothing like the spreaded picture happenned… I thought i did it wrong but knowing your experiment generates the same result like mine….glad to know it :) thank you


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