The Best Homemade Lotion EVER!!

Homemade lotion is easier to make than you may think. This moisturizer makes my skin so soft and eliminates dry, flaky skin and this recipe is super easy to follow.

I hate dry skin and I have very dry, flaky skin.  My feet are gross, my legs are always dry and itchy.  Yeah, I know, TMI, but it is true and maybe some of you are the same way (especially if you are one of my sisters!)
About a year ago a friend made me some lotion because a friend of hers from work had given her the recipe.  She loved it so much that she had to share it with me because that is what friends do – share. Now I love it so much that I want to share it with you!
This lotion is AMAZING!  It is a thicker lotion and a touch oily (but not too much, just perfect) so if you don’t have super dry skin this probably isn’t the right lotion for you.  If you use this regularly the dry, flaky, itchy is going to go away.  Even the lizard heels will be soft.  Since I am starting to sound like a commercial, I am going to STOP and actually share with you how to make this AMAZING lotion!
There are only 3 ingredients
  • Big bottle of Johnson’s Baby Lotion (27 oz) –  I like the honey apple over the regularly scented baby lotion because i don’t feel comfortable walking around smelling like a baby, but that is just me
  • Vitamin E Skin Care Cream double pack (4 oz ea) 
  • Small Jar of Petroleum Jelly (7.5 oz) – brand doesn’t matter
Combine three store-bought moisturisers to make one amazing lotion. This moisturizer makes my skin so soft and eliminates dry, flaky skin and recipe is easy to follow.
 Scoop all of the ingredients into a bowl.  Save the containers so you can put the new and amazing lotion back into them.
The Best Homemade Lotion EVER!!
With a hand mixer stir until well blended.
The Best Homemade Lotion EVER!!
Then scoop back into regular containers.  I didn’t reuse the Johnson’s pump bottle because the lotion is so thick.  So you will need a couple extra containers.  I filled 7 containers. It does make a lot so don’t forget to share with your friends and family because I am sure they will love this stuff too!
Homemade lotion is easier to make than you may think. This moisturizer makes my skin so soft and eliminates dry, flaky skin and recipe is easy to follow.


    • BEA says

      I was pinning today and I found this link about the best ever lotion. Well, I am very happy to see so many people using something that I mixed up and have been passing on over 10 years now. I had moved to Florida and needed help with very dry skin. It is the best and very cheap to make. If you mix the Vaseline in the middle of the baby lotion and put Vit E on top, it will not be greasy. Also, it is cheaper to purchase all items at the Dollar Store. If you put a jar in the refrigerator, it is the best thing ever for a sun burn. It also works best if applied just as you get out of the shower. Your skin will absorb it faster. I use it from head to toe and have very soft and young looking skin. Please pass a jar on, it really works!

  1. says

    This looks great. I have never seen the honey apple baby lotion, I will have to look for that. I have used that Vitamin E cream alone and love it. I can only imagine how good it is with the other too ingredients. Thanks for the ttorial.

    • Anonymous says

      The oatmeal almond is a good switch for the baby lotion. Good subsitute for vasoline is coconut oil… I make this and add a little almond oil or jojoba oil.. You can get the vit e cream at the Dollar store it does not have the smell of the one that is fruit … something can’t remember the end of it.. have fun.

  2. says

    I read this last night, I suffer from dry skin so, I HAD, HAD, HAD, to stop after work & buy everything to make this! Whipped it up, showered & tried it out. FANTASTIC! Love the way my skin feels.

  3. says

    Really nice idea!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to join our Pin’Inspiration party this week. I’m hoping that you’ll pop by tomorrow and share at my “Beat The Winter Blues” party. :-)

  4. says

    I am so giving this a try next time I go to the store. My daughter has EXTREMELY dry skin and is very sensitive to lotions. I can’t wait to see if this works for her. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    This is great stuff!
    The woman who use to go to my grandfathers home and help him with physical therapy always made this stuff for him. I haven’t made any for a long time. I had actually forgot about this stuff.
    It always made my legs and arms soooo soft!

  6. says

    I’m addicted to this lotion after my best friend made it for me for Christmas. My skin has never been better. I’ve gone so far overboard, I’m now even putting it on my face (and it’s wonderful for that too!). Thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    I love it! My sister (who is a doctor) gave me a recipe using Aveeno, Eucerin Aquaphor, and Vaseline. I want to try your recipe when mine runs out. I like the idea of using the Johnson’s baby lotion! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Shiloh says

    This looks great! I don’t constantly have dry skin, but sometimes I do. This would be awesome for those times.

  9. says

    Does anyone know if this leaves you with an icky, sticky feeling or does it soak in and just leave you soft? I would love to try this, but before I go fill up all my empty containers, I wanted to ask first.


  10. Anonymous says

    This lotion is fabulous! It is all we use at our house…on our bodies, faces, and even for our daughter with excema. We do refill the baby lotion pump bottle. The lotion is a nice consistancy and pumps out great. The pump prevents the little ones from scooping excess lotion out of the lotion tubs.

  11. Anonymous says

    Made this to give as christmas gifts…I used the lotion base they sell at Hobby Lobby and added fragrant oils to give it the scent I wanted…everyone loved it

  12. Anonymous says

    I made your lotion yesterday and really liked it. But this morning it seems to have separated, also mine didn’t seem to look like your pics. I used all products as you said and correct ounces. Did I do something wrong or is it suppose to be more runny(lol). It sure smells good and rubs is wonderful. Thanks, Janet

    • says

      Did you mix it it really good with a hand mixer? or are you at a higher elevation? Mine has never separated before so I am not sure what to tell you. I have left the lid off a couple times and it has thickened but that is all I have noticed. I am sorry I couldn’t help you more.

  13. says

    I’m going to try this and send a jar to my Mother who has eczema. Thank you for this delicous sounding recipe. I’ll let you know how it works for her…oh and me ofcourse!

    • says

      I went to Walmart yesterday and bought all of the ingredients. It didn’t absorb into my skin for about 2 hrs but my skin is so nice this morning….really moist and healthy looking. The next time I will try cocoa butter instead of the vaseline and see how that absorbs for me. Otherwise, if you don’t mind a greasy feeling afterwards this is the lotion for you. I’m keeping what I made and using it on my hands and feet at night :) all in all it’s a very thick and rich lotion and just what my feet and hands need for the winter here in the northeast :)

    • says

      I am sorry it left you with that icky feeling. I don’t enjoy that feeling either. Since the lotion is so thick you could try not using so much. A little goes a long way. But everyone is different.

  14. Anonymous says

    This looks great! but I was wondering does it leave you feeling sticky? I need to use thicker lotions but they always leave me sticky so I tend to shy away from them

    • Cat says

      I have been using this for 2 years now. I love this cream!
      I substituted the lavender lotion for the pink – for the same
      reason – I don’t want to be baby scented! And my next batch
      will have vitimin E added to it!

  15. says

    WOW – this warm winter has left me drier than ever. Can’t wait to give it a try. Enjoying my first visit to your blog from your link on Pinkopotumus.Come say hello sometime.

  16. Anonymous says

    Just found Vanilla & Oatmeal Baby Lotion and made this recipe – LOVE IT!! It smells soooo good and my hands are so soft! Can’t wait to try this on my feet. Thanks for posting!

  17. Anonymous says

    I have been making this lotion for a year. The Dollar Tree has vaseline in a cream formula. It is terrific. It isn’t greasy at all and soaks right in. You can add vit e oil also to thin it out a bit. I prefer the Johnsons baby lotion, love the smell. The Vaseline cream also has vit e in it. Play around with it a bit. It is terrific and all my friends love it. We get together and everyone donates a jar of something and we make a huge batch. There are so many cute jars to refill. It is wonderful.

  18. says

    I just made my 3rd batch of this lotion, I absolutely love it. I have a skin condition called Ichthyosis and I have had to use straight vasaline or eucerin(the thick cream in a jar kind) all over my body, and this does better! I still have to do eucerin on my feet and bendy places lol! Thanks so much for posting this, it makes getting ready in the morning not so lengthy of a process!

  19. says

    Ok so I went to my local wal-mart and they didn’t have the vitamin E hand cream stuff. Does anyone know where else I can get it? Or if I can substitute it with something.

  20. says

    Ok so I went to my local wal-mart and they didn’t have the vitamin E hand cream stuff. Does anyone know where else I can get it? Or if I can substitute it with something.

  21. Anonymous says

    just bought everything I need to make this. CAN’T WAIT TO TRY IT!!! Found the Honey Apple baby lotion at Shopko (Midwest store, but has recently expanded to several hundred more locations) Found the vitamin E in the twin pack at walmart by the lotions waaaayyy on the bottom shelf.

    • Marg says

      Yes , and the Vaseline with the Aloe and vit E is in the same area about the second shelf down to the right a little bit. It was tough finding it…so I thought I should mention it 😀

  22. says

    I bet this is the same lotion/creme my mother gave me to use on my daughter who had eczema when she was a baby. It worked like a charm and I always wondered what was in it. I’m definitely going to give this a try! Thank you so much!

  23. Anonymous says

    I wish it didn’t have petroleum–ugh who wants the same stuff that goes in machines absorbed into the body? Toxic.

    • Anonymous says

      I like the coconut oil idea… I’ve used it in scrubs and it’s amazing!!! You might wanna try an all natural moisturizer too… Johnson’s has petroleum (mineral oil is the same thing) and all sorts of parabens…

  24. Anonymous says

    I’ve made something close to this recipe. I used the creamy vaseline from Dollar Tree, added a small tube of Triple Antibiotic cream, vit-E cream, and used the generic brand of Eucerine. It is a great lotion, but remember…..a little goes a long way.

  25. Anonymous says

    OMG … this stuff is beyond fan-tab-u-lus. I suffer from psoriasis and eczema. I made this last night and used it on my “problem” areas, and what a difference it made with just one use! I wasn’t able to find the Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin care cream, but did find a generic brand Vitamin E body cream and added a bit of Coconut oil to the mix.

    Thanks so much for sharing this miracle cream. I’m giving some to my sister who has severe eczema and to my mother who has psoriasis.

  26. says

    Hmmm i made this and mine is more like running lotion than thick cream like the pic. I used the 15 oz bottle of baby lotion, was that too much?

    • says

      I use the full 27 oz bottle of Johnson’s, 2 tubs of the vitamin E cream, and a 7.5 oz jar of vaseline per the instructions. It makes a ton of lotion and comes out thick but fluffy :)

  27. Anonymous says

    I’ve been using and making this for years. I use as close to the same annoying of each product and it comes out thick. I love it! And it lasts all day!

    • says

      I prefer this. Any of the butters I’ve tried (bath and body, body shop, etc.) have always felt more greasy to me and the scents are usually too strong. This is lighter but more hydrating and longer lasting, imo.

  28. says

    This is a great recipe! I have made a double recipe of this every winter for the last 10 years. I use 2 bottles of baby lotion, 2 jars of E cream, and 2 containers of vaseline. I whip the vaseline first, because it’s the hardest to get broken up. Then, I add the other ingredients and whip it with my stand mixer. I bought a pretty jar at World Market, and keep it in that.

  29. says

    Thank you thank you thank you for this recipe! I moved to Colorado a few years ago and my skin hasn’t been the same since. I literally can’t go to sleep without putting lotion on my hands and feet because they feel so dry and tight. I made this lotion after seeing it on Pinterest and I’m literally never buying lotion again except Johnson’s to make this lotion!! :) The honey apple scent is perfect, not overpowering but nice and fresh. I used all the same ingredients and brought a jar of it to work–all of my coworkers fell in love! A few went out and bought the ingredients to make it themselves at home. I have psoriasis and this really helps my problem areas. My coworker’s son and husband have eczema and this has helped them soo much! One of the girls made a version with cocoa butter Johnson’s lotion and cocoa butter vaseline, and it’s also awesome! None of us have ever had a problem with it being greasy unless we accidentally put too much on our hands, which we then just rub all over our arms and legs! :) I literally cover my body with this lotion every night and when I wake up the next morning I don’t even need to reapply the lotion because my skin is still hydrated! And let me tell you–put this lotion on with some moisturizing hand gloves and foot socks–life changing!! The vaseline also gives your skin a nice sheen when wearing shorts or skirts–again, never had an issue with a greasy feeling. On my next batch I may try to add some coconut oil as I’ve seen in the comments. Thank you again soo much for sharing this recipe!

  30. Anonymous says

    I make a lotion similar to this but use just 8 oz of vitamin E cream and 8 oz of solid coconut oil with a 16 oz bottle of baby lotion.

  31. Mary says

    I made this yesterday and it is wonderful! Even my husband liked it on his itchy, dry skin. I used coconut oil instead of vaseline and it is really nice. Next time I will warm up the coconut oil though, so it will mix a little easier. I also used Johnson’s Shea and Cocoa Butter baby lotion and it smells really nice. This stuff is great, non oily and really makes my skin feel so soft. Thank you so much!

  32. Donna says

    I made this last week & my very dry skin is so soft now. I do have a question do you use both jars of the vitamin E lotion?I only used one and the lotion is wonderful. I have been telling all my friends about this amazing lotion. Thanks for sharing.

  33. says

    I made this lotion yesterday with great results! I found the vitamin E at both Walmart and Dollar Tree but it was less expensive at Walmart. I used vanilla oatmeal Johnson’s lotion and cocoa butter petroleum jelly. Mine isn’t sticky at all. My boyfriend even loves it.
    Thanks for this wonderful idea!

  34. Anonymous says

    Have you mixed this in with any lotions other than Baby Lotion or Eucerin? I wonder if it would have the same effect with some of the nice smelling bath and body works lotions?

  35. Anonymous says

    Katie, you look so much like my niece it’s uncanny! I can’t wait to try this lotion. Minnesota winters are torturous!! Thank you!

  36. Anonymous says

    I have made this for years. I find if the feet are cracked I add some A and D ointment as a extra healer. Works great!

  37. caw says

    I make this and use 8oz. vasaline (or coconut oil), 8 oz. vitamin E cream and 16 oz. baby lotion. I get the baby lotion and vasaline at the Dollar Store and the Vitamin E cream and Coconut oil (solid) at Walmart. Coconut oil is in the cooking oil section and the E cream is with the lotions on bottom shelf.

  38. Anonymous says

    I’ve been making this for years and I call it “Fluffy Pink Stuff”. It is awesome! Put it on your feet overnight and you’ll have baby soft feet in the morning!

  39. says

    I made this last night but I was not sure about the oz. sizes on the bottles you used :/ it says big bottle and small jar???? not sure what that means, as this is not things I usually buy. But I guessed and I think I may have put to much of something in it because it is not thick at all. can you give me what sizes in oz. the bottles and jars of ingredients are.. thanks

    • says

      You can use Aveeno, Eucerin, etc. Basically, any lotion can be subbed in for the baby lotion. Nivea creme and Eucerin creme work well in place of the vitamin E cream. I recently used an Olay body lotion (11 oz), Nivea creme (5ish oz), 1/2 c Vaseline and 1/2 cup Crisco shortening, and it came out just delightful :)

  40. says

    we must be sisters! My feet are a constant battle and too many pedicures that don’t last can get expensive.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I’m heading out for ingredients today!

  41. says

    Hummm… HOW can you say 3 ingredients? Ever read what in Johnsons Baby Lotion? and Petroleum Jelly.. Come on!!! Petroleum Products on your skin? So your body can absorb all those carcinogens. Then boo hoo you have cancer and wonder how THAT happened? This stuff can cause all sorts of problems… In long term use of this you skin will be even more dry than you started so then you grab for more and more again its a vicious cycle.. Please people get informed Don’t listen what to what the money makers are trying get you to buy they just want you money they don’t care about your health..
    Please go for a more natural solution… There are tons of them out there.. Sorry Crafty Blog Stalker I just couldn’t set by and not say a word… You are on a good track of making your stuff.. :) It looks wonderful..

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more. There are too many organic products available to ever resort to using petroleum and other carcinogens. I keep hoping that someday many of the ingredients in these products will be banned for cosmetic use.

    • pennie collins says

      I’m not sure about all the hoopla over Vaseline. Women and men from the South have used it for generations. It took the place of butter, lard, and cooking fats. Maybe they were more ‘natural’. But I wouldn’t want to use them. Vaseline is not the only substance usable in this recipie, but, it is relatively inexpensive. Many ‘natural’ products are cost prohibitive. Besides, I’ve never heard of cancer from rubbing this on the body. It is not deeply absorbed through the skin. It sits on the surface to hold moisture in. I’m going to try all the combinations on this post. Thanks for the recipe

  42. says

    I’m wondering if homemade vaseline can be substituted for the store bought item, and if a homemade shea/coconut body butter can be substituted for the baby lotion. I’m a bit concerned about putting petroleum products on my skin. Has anyone tried making these substitutions and what were the results?

  43. says

    This sound like a great lotion. Must try! FYI My doctor told me to take 1 tbs of flax seed oil (large bottle at Trader Joe for $8)daily to help with any dry skin and or scalp. He said it will be good for the skin and hair as well.

  44. Amy He says

    Is the lotion sticky to the touch? My husband hates when I put portion on because my skin becomes sticky (due to having very dry skin and having to use thicker lotions).

  45. Rhonda says

    I love this idea and am deffinately going to try it so thank you. One suggestion if you use acetone nail polish remove you can clean off printed information from reused jars/ tubs giving you a clen surfface to write lotion name and ingredients to give a fancy look to such a wonderful idea. Thanks again!

  46. Jax Witt says

    Hi, I’ve made this recipe before and loved it. The Vaseline did give me a bit of a pause, but I don’t think it can actually be absorbed deeply into the skin and give you cancer because the molecules are too big to get into the blood stream. I think it just sits on top of the skin holding in the skin’s own moisture. But I do like the coconut oil idea. I’ve never used it, haven’t cooked with it or anything, I’m thinking it is going to smell like coconuts, right? Does the coconut smell overwhelm the honey and apple baby lotion? I wanted to try that this time as I didn’t really like smelling like a baby, but not sure I want to smell like a Pina Colada either!

    Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful recipe! You recipe caused me to finally sign up at Pinterest. I have a feeling you can spend HOURS on here, am I right?

  47. Heide says

    Made this lotion last weekend and it was so very quick and easy to make. I am by no means a lotion person but I am hooked. I have fair skin and am sensitive to many products (including Dove Sensitive) this has truly has helped with the extra dry skin I have had this winter (I live in the northeast). Skin feels silky smooth and so very soft. I will be making another batch today and replacing the Vaseline with Aquaphor. My husband has psoriasis and the dermotologist recommends that for patients with psoriasis.

    After the lotion is mixed I put it into a large zipper-top storage bag and cut a small piece from the corner for piping it into containers (like cake decorating). I found 3 oz soft feel containers at K-Mart for $1.19 each. They were in the travel-size section of the H&B area of the store. This will make a wonderful little-something gift for the holidays. Will be sure to keep a container in our RV Camper refrigerator for sunburns.

    Thanks for posting and sharing this wonderful recipe!

  48. sarah says

    I made this last weekend and am now addicted. Container at work, in my purse, in my car, at home. I’ve always used petroleum jelly and now its not so thick. I also added a few scoops of coconut oil. Sharing? Maybe next time. THANK YOU

  49. Cynthia says

    I initially made this for myself because of dry skin, but my daughter has begun to use it for my grandson, who has eczema. It has drastically improved his skin. Kudos to this recipe, it has helped us both. Thanks.

  50. says

    Sounds wonderful…just ordered all the ingredients online from WalMart! Can’t wait to try it. I am also planning to try the alternate recommendation using coconut oil in a batch and comparing the two. A great gift idea! Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing. Kathy F.

  51. bruna says

    Hi ! Thank you for this wonderful recipe! I tried it! l added 13 oz of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and not 7.5 as it is shown on the recipe? Thanks again !!!!! :-)

  52. sara says

    what if i dnt have that Vit E cream as its not available in my country? what can be used instead of that please share i need to make this.

  53. Mamameister says

    I add a little vitamin E oil (you can get it at Walmart) to what is left after filling my Vaseline and vitamin E jars, and put it back in the baby lotion bottle. It pumps just fine. The mix will feel a little too thick, but I just used a funnel and pushed it down with a spatula to help it through. It’s so much easier using a pump bottle than digging in the jars with your fingers. But I use both — there are times you want hand cream and times you want hand lotion.

  54. says

    I am truely intrigued by this. I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer.

    1. What is it about the baby lotion that makes this combo work so well? Do you think it might work with other lotions?

    2. Have you tried different types of baby lotion with this? I just wonder if the Vitamin E one or the Oatmeal one would work ok too.

    Any insight you can give will be most helpful. As someone who lives in a dry, cold winter state (Illinois), I will definitely be trying this. It can’t hurt considering I scratch myself raw some winters. Thanks for putting this out there!

    • Katie says

      Thanks for stopping by Kara! I honestly don’t know what it is about this combo that works so well. I think if you kept the base of Vitamin E lotion and Petroleum jelly you would be fine to switch out the baby lotion for any favorite lotion. I have used the oatmeal baby lotion before because I love how that one smells and lotion was still pretty awesome. I hope that helps, and that you aren’t scratched raw this winter. :)

  55. Cat says

    This is the best hand / body cream! It’s the only thing I can use and it works so good! I make mine with the purple (lavender scent) baby lotion.

  56. Ann says

    My husband and I have made and used this for years. We use equal portions of Vitamin E cream, Johnson’s baby lotion and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Have never had a problem with using Vaseline. We have given the cream to many, many others and they always ask for the recipe. It really works on dry skin.


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