Tutorial for Fabric Flip Flops

how to make flip flops with fabric

I am a flip flop girl.  They are practically all I wear in the summer.  Now that spring is in the air, my toes are aching to get out of those stuffy shoes and socks and into that warm summer sun!

There are so many possibilities on how you can add your favorite fabric to flip flops, but what I like most about this method is that you can make your flip flops fit perfectly so you don’t have to worry about doing the toe pinch every time you step to keep you flip flop on, or have your feet ache from flip flops that are too tight.

I bought my flip flops at Old Navy because I think they have the most comfortable flip flops, they are cheap (2 for $5) and they come in all sorts of fun colors!  The fabric I chose came from the Stampin’ Up! Essentials Designer Fabric Collection.

how to make flip flops with fabric

how to make flip flops with fabric

One. Remove the plastic do-hickies that the flip flops come with
Two. Start with a strip of fabric that is about 1 inch wide and about 10 inches long (you don’t need to cut this straight.  Just snip about an inch into your fabric and then pull and tear.  So much easier!)
Three. Fold strip in have and poke up through the bottom of the top center hole – where your toes go, but don’t tie a knot yet
how to make flip flops with fabric
Four. Tear a piece of fabric that is about 4 inches wide and about 25 inches long (this will give you lots of extra but that is ok – rather too much then not enough)
Five.Thread one end of the 4 inch strip through one of the bottom holes on the flip flop base and tie a tight not
Six. Pull the 4 inch strip through the 1 inch strip’s loop
Seven. And back down to the hole on the other side of the flip flop
how to make flip flops with fabric

Eight. Fit the flip to your foot by pulling on the straps to where it fits you comfortable and tight enough to stay on
Nine. Tie the strips of fabrics into knots and trim off the access fabric
Ten. Hot glue around the knots to make them just a bit more secure into the holes of the flips flops

Because there are already holes in the flip flop bases the knots fit pretty well inside and you can’t feel those knots when you are walking.

how to make flip flops with fabric

Your new Fabric Flip Flops are so cute and I promise you will get all sorts of compliments on them!

Did you know that these exact flip flops are famous?  They were featured in a Stampin’ Up! promo video I actually go to co-host!  It was so much fun!
What colors are you going to choose for your Fabric Flip Flops?

Tutorial for Fabric Flip Flops

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  1. says

    So cute! I think this will be a perfect project for my daughter and I. We have our weekly link party going on now, we would love for you to share your great flip flops with our readers. Can’t wait to see you there!


  2. says

    Cute cute cute! Thanks for sharing – this craft looks fun and easy! I’ll definitely have to try because, like you, I’m a flip flop girl!

    Picked up your card at the BYB13 and I’m following you in every possible way. Hope you’ll follow me back because I’d love to get to know you!

  3. says

    How come I’ve never seen this before? Katie, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve spent the last half hour lurking all over your site! I’m your newest fan!

  4. says

    i seriously badly need to make a pair of these this year. old navy flips are SO cheap but I can’t wear them to work and I dont want to pay the money for fancy schmancy ones.. i love the favric you chose!

  5. says

    Love these! What a great way to make the most with what you have. Also a great way to use up leftover material. We are all about that! Found you from the link party on Pig and Dac.

  6. Denise says

    Ok so once you pull the fabric trough the holes your left with knots on the bottom of the flip flop, thin flip flops so you know your going to feel that underneath, why not sew bottons to the ends instead?! Just sayin ;)

    • Katie says

      That is a great idea Denise. You actually don’t feel the knots if you pull them tight and shove them into the hollowed out spaces where the plastic pieces were. But buttons are a fantastic idea.


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