What Can You Make With a Pool Noodle: Part 2

Last summer was my original What Can You Make With a Pool Noodle post and I can’t believe how popular that post was, and I had some many people commenting on so many more uses for the Pool Noodle.
So I thought it fitting to do a part 2 and share many of your ideas on more  uses of this fabulous foam tube.
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What Can You Make With a Pool Noodle
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Don’t forget to check out the original What Can You Make With a Pool Noodle.


And if you have any more great uses for Pool Noodles I would love to hear them!
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  1. says

    How much fun!!! I can’t believe how creative folks are in their uses of pool noodles. I was just at Dollar Tree yesterday and saw the noodles and starting wondering what to make with them this year. Thanks for ALL the great ideas!

  2. says

    Some of these ideas just cracked me up, but others were “Now why hadn’t I thought of this?” Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. says

    I totally heart this post! Fantastic ideas! My little one is turning one this summer, and some of these ideas would be perfect for outdoor activities at her party. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. says

    There’s a new museum called Myseum in Town & Country, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). It has something called a “Seaweed Swamp.” My kids LOVED it! There are pool noodles threaded on strings/ropes with a washer tied at the bottom. The top of the rope is tied to a metal grid near the ceiling, so the noodles are all suspended about a foot off the floor. It’s this awesome hideout/maze contraption the kids loved scurrying through. Here’s a photo of it: http://stlmyseum.com/inside.php

  5. says

    These ideas are just fantastic!! I had to email your link to my 8th grade nephew who just loves to create things from household items like cardboard boxes…this will get his mind going…can’t wait to see what he comes up with for creating with pool noodles!! Thanks for the inspiration! Catherine (new follower)

  6. says

    These are fun! I’m new to Pinterest. My user name there is Audra Frey. I’m very crafty.and artsy. I used pool noodles cod something I have not seen anywhere. To edge my flowed beds. Here’s what I did:
    I laid them all out out end to end and connected them with basic clear outdoor sillicone. Let it dry according to label. Then used a hand saw. The type that usually flips out like a pocket knife, a very large onoe. I sat on one side, this I assigned the outside. The other side is the inside. Inside the bed with the flowers. So on top and the outside with my hand saw I randomly cut grooves and notches in the foam. I drew a basic patter first with a marker. Then I went to the inside. Here I drilled small holes.all the way thru to the center hole. Then I spray painted the whole thing. Tao different colors.of grey and a dark brown.
    I dug a trench 2to 3inches deep. Set the.noodles.I stoked mine. That’s optional. I used plain old chop stick we get fos free. I plugged on send with a coke bottle top. I. Stick the 2

  7. Brenda says

    I have high veggie gardens maid from reclaimed metal fencing and it is quite sharp around the top so I used tne noodles around the edges . The are gardens for the disabled .

  8. Sooz says

    You can use the noodles to wrap around (cover) the springs on a trampoline.
    Saw this on the internet not sure who posted it.

  9. Jen says

    I split pool noodles, lengthwise on one side, and use them as bumpers for window sills in my classroom. (Similar to the childproof door stopper, but on a window sill.)

  10. Catherine says

    I use noodles when camping: one around each awning rope to make them highly visible, one over a pipe to keep my tiny microwave in place, one over table leg as a toe protector, 1/2 of one screwed to the top of the doorway as a head bumper, pieces of one as a fridge filler when travelling, and anywhere there’s a sharp corner.

  11. Kathy van Giessen says

    I used three pool noodles for a valance to my window curtains. I covered each noodle with fabric 3 times the length and one inch larger around than what the noodle measured. Put them on inexpensive white rods that run about $2.00 each at Walmart. It was a little tricky getting them to wrap around the corners but with my hubby’s help we were able to get it done and hung them one at a time. My fabric that I used for the curtains was a strip lined with a solid so I covered the noodles one with solid and two with the striped fabric and hung the solid in the middle of the three. I tried to attach a photo but couldn’t get it to work. Everyone that sees them loves tem and says what clever idea it is. I would be happy to send a photo to an email or by text if you would like.

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