My Craft Room & DIY Ink Pad Storage

Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
Happy Monday Everybody!  I am very blessed to have my own crafting space in my home and I thought I would share that space with you.

Isn’t it great!
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage

OK, OK.  This is not my REAL Craft Room, but I really want it to be.  I try not to complain because I know there are so many out there that are lucky if they have a closet that they can store all of their stuff in.

I do have my own room, it is small and I have A LOT of stuff.  Last weekend I wanted to work on a project and realized that I could hardly walk in the door.  So I decided it was time to clean up and organize a little.  So this is my REAL Craft Room, mess and all.

This is what you had to step over just to walk inside. 

Media Stix Ink Pad Storage


Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
And my not so usable work space.
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
When I was finished cleaning up I was looking around and couldn’t help but notice some of my favorite things about this room.
I have an awesome Storage closet that my husband built shelves in and this is where I keep a majority of my stuff.
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
I have a TV on the wall so I can watch some of my favorite movies while I am playing.  Can you guess this movie?  You get an extra point if you know!
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
A while ago I made this Create Banner.  I hung it directly above one of my tables so I see it every time I sit down.  You can see my Create Banner Tutorial here.
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
I love all of my ribbon.  You might say I have an obsession with ribbon.  This is such a great way to store ribbon and shared this DIY Ribbon Storage Tutorial here.
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
I also love rubber stamps.  I have A LOT!  I hated having to go through all of my sets to find one specific set and I also didn’t really know what all I had.  So I created this catalog system that has really been working well for me.  What I have done is put a different colored sticker on the outside box of the set.  I also used that set and created a catalog of all my stamps so I can flip through my binder and find the perfect stamp to use.  In the catalog I put the same colored star sticker next to the stamped images so when I know what set I want to use I only have to sort through those boxes with that colored star on them.
Media Stix Ink Pad StorageMedia Stix Ink Pad Storage
Now this next one is something I am really excited about!  Because I have a lot of stamp pads and I also have A LOT of ink pads.  I had been storing them in a wooden case meant for cassette tapes, but I had filled all of the slots and since I bought the case at a thrift store I knew I would have a hard time finding another that would match. 
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
I had been looking for something else that I could use to keep my ink pads in and I found Media Stix.  They are intended to hold CD’s or DVDs but they work perfectly for ink pads. I had to do quite a bit of looking around for them but I finally found them at Target and they are about $12.00 for 1 package that will hold 60.
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
Again, I asked for my husband’s help and he installed these on my wall.  (I actually had to buy two packages because right now I have about 80 ink pads.)

Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
Aren’t these awesome!  I even arranged them dark to light in the colors of the rainbow.  It totally makes me smile when I see them on my wall.  They are just so pretty!

Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
Plus, there is room for more!
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage

The Media Sticks do cause the ink pads to have a slight slant upwards but I have never had a problem with ink pooling to the end or leakage so it isn’t a concern for me.

I love how my Craft Room looks and feels when it is cleaned and organized.  But I know I wont stay that way for long.  My husband actually teases me that I spend more time cleaning and organizing my room then I actually do creating. 
Media Stix Ink Pad Storage
So what should I make next in my Craft Room?



  1. says

    Katie: I think we ALL spend more time straightening our craft room than actually creating! LOL – it’s just the nature of the beast. And I love how organized yours is. Mine isn’t nearly as neat and tidy and efficient!

  2. says

    Oh yeah! I get the extra point … “The Princess Bride”! Good for you for cleaning up your craft space but … do you think you could come over and clean mine up? :) Thanks for sharing these great organizing ideas!

  3. says

    Wow!! You do have a TON of stamps and a ton of ink pads. I have ink pad envy. : ) What a great way to store them. The movie is totally “Princess Bride”. Such a classic.

  4. says

    Wow! You have a lot of stamps and ink. I love your catalog, so you can find the stamp you want. Genius! I love your ink storage solution. It looks pretty and I’m sure makes it easy to find them.

  5. says

    I love checking out how you’ve organized your space. Isn’t it so fun to have a space just for you and your craft projects? I’m in awe of all of your stamps and ink pads! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  6. says

    Your ink storage is brilliant! I think all of us creative folks have moments of creativity which ends up in a wake of destruction behind us. Then we look around, say “UGH” then go on an organization frenzy…then repeat! 😀

  7. says

    My craft “room” has spread all over the place – the dining room and the living room. You give me hope that I can corral everything back into a “proper” place. I love that stamp pad storage idea!

    Distressed Donna Down home

  8. says

    Love the ink pad storage and the catalog system for your stamps. I don’t have anywhere near as many as you…jealous! :-)

    Oh, I believe that movie is the Princess Bride. Love that movie. :-)

  9. says

    What kind of boxed do you store you stamps in? I would like to try your method. I hate searching through the whole box I have them in now. And what kind of ink is pictured?

  10. says

    Katie, I love this! Can you tell me what the dimensions on each little shelf are? I’m wondering if they’ll hold my TH distress inks as well as the bigger sizes (Target is saying they’re not in stores now, so I can’t go look!). The distress ink lids fall off fairly easily- oh, the adventures of a lost inkpad lid behind a desk that’s heavier than I am!

    • says

      The gap where the pads go is 5/8 inch wide. So I would say as long as those pad’s depth is less then that you should be just fine.

      Thanks for the great question!

  11. says

    Thanks for the tip on stamp pads. I notice you said when you want a stamp you only have to look through those boxes with that color. From the photo it looks like you have a lot of each color. If you go back and put say Red -1 , Red – 2, etc … Yellow 1, Yellow 2… Then you won’t have to search anymore. You look for color and number. If you do the same catalog with your inks , cricut carts, embossing files , stickles .. etc.. you won’t have to search long for what you want either. Look up and then click on the “Get Organized Challenge” it really will change your life :) (NFI in this product)

  12. says

    I’d never heard of Media Stix but I have a similar storage system from Ikea. They no longer carry the dvd holders so I can’t really tell people the name thanks for letting me know where I can direct people.

    I just showed a bunch of kids the Princess Bride this weekend. The boys heard the title and groaned but my son convinced them it was worth watching. 6 converts!

  13. says

    I just joined your blog and hope you can come on over and join mine as well..I LOVE the Ink pad storage idea!…Mine are currently sitting on a small shelf and have been looking for something that can store them without taking more space up on my craft table!..What a great idea!..I’m adding Target to my list of places this weekend..
    I just giggled a little over all the stamp sets..I had just about as many lol, but decided to give them away..(only because I wanted a bunch of others and needed the room!)…lol
    Thanks for the ideas!!

  14. says

    I just read this post and love your craft room. I, too, struggle with organization. Right now, crafting stuff is in all my rooms except the bathroom! I’m retiring this spring from teaching and hope to get a better handle on my organization. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  15. Tina says


      • Tina says

        Thank you. I tried at our local Target but they didn’t have them, so will try on line and see if they ship to Canada. I thank you very much and appreciate your help. Love your blog!

  16. Bivi says

    It is funny! I found a case for cassettes tapes like yours at a thrift stores and I am using it for my punches. I did not know what it was originally designed to hold until I saw it on your pictures. Now I know. Thanks!

  17. says

    I loved this post. I know how ugly feel. Your husband, I think, would be right about me as far as organizing more than creating. At least that’s what it feels like to me. I have a lot of stuff as well and I tell myself I don’t need another thing and I won’t buy another thing unless it’s adhesive…and when that 50% off coupon comes for Michael’s most times I rationalize and then I crack. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I Love the fact that you kept it real and weren’t afraid like most, to show your REAL craft room. Thanks and happy organizing… I mean crafting!

  18. Joyce says

    Great input AnnA, I so agree. Super Idea. I’ve just moved from 3500 SQ FT TO 1800 SQ FT. CAN’T WAIT TO TRY YOUR IDEAS.THANKS FOR SHARING. ANXIOUS TO SEE MORE

  19. Alexis U says

    Great post, thanks for the ideas.
    Was wondering what ink pads you have i love the color selection and wanted to add a few to my collection?

    • Alexis U says

      Never mind about my question I just recognized them, for some reason it took me a minute.
      thanks again

  20. says

    i am in the process of organizing my craft room and love some of your ideas here. I will be making a binder for my stamps. Love the wall hanger for the ink pads gonna steal that idea also

  21. Liane says

    Been lookin’ for a good storage idea for my ink pads and you have given me a GREAT storage idea!! Economical too, double awesome!! Thanks!

  22. Allison says

    Saw your post on Pinterest and loved the Media Stix idea for the stamp pads. However couldn’t find them at Target or IKEA, but Amazon carries them. Saves me half what I would spend on Portaink (but I can’t take them with me in it.) I just want them off my table so I can think. Cluttered table muddles my brain!

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