White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

I know I have said it before, but I love my family! 
Every year we get together a little bit before Christmas and we have a BIG Family Home Evening with a White Elephant Gift Exchange.
We bring food and have dinner together.
Have a lesson
Family Home Evening Lesson
And my very favorite part of the night is the White Elephant Gift Exchange.  We do a nice one with the younger kids, which usually includes gifts from the dollar store so no one is too disappointed.
Kid Gift Exchange
But then it is the adults turn, and we aren’t at all nice.  We strive to find the stupidest, silliest gift we can find or make.
Adult Gift Exchange
I was really very proud of my White Elephant gifts this year.  I made 2, one for me and one for my husband.
For the first I got a tile at Home Depot for less than $1 and used my Silhouette and made this beautiful tile that anyone would be happy have in their home.
Home; where the Ho and Me come together
My 18 year old niece originally got it, but it was stolen a couple of times until in landed in the hands of the newlyweds who just happened to buy a house.  
The other gift was probably my favorite but didn’t get opened until almost last.
Tampon Angel
At first it looks like a nice little angel ornament.  After it was opened someone even commented that it was too nice of a gift for this exchange.  
There was a poem inside that box that read.
I’m your little visiting angel, pretty as a swan.
I’ll decorate your tree or wreath from dusk until the dawn.
I know that every month you’ll think of me and put a smile on.
I’ll even be hanging around when you crave a box of bon bons.
Now I guess you’ve figured out, and no your are not wrong…
Someone found another use for a Playtex Tampon.
Tampon Angel
We just have way too much fun together!


  1. says

    White elephant gift exchanges are so much fun! Your group and the gifts are really cleaver and fun.
    Our family does one of these gift swaps every year as well. This year we added in the “Lefty the White Elephant” story. It is basically a right-left game added to the white elephant game.
    You and your readers may find it interesting, so I have included a link to the rules: http://albinophantblog.com/white-elephant-gift-exchange/lefty-the-white-elephant-a-gift-exchange-story/
    Merry Christmas

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