Cute Last Minute Valentine Printable

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, but if you are a last minuter like me you still have plenty of time, especially if you use this free Valentine printable!

A couple of weeks ago I pinned the cutest free Printables from eighteen25.  They are called Quick & Cheesy Hubby Valentines.

I absolutely loved the chip one.  Especially since my plan was to give these to girls and guys.  Plus my boss is a guy and that might be awkward to him e a Valentine that says you are my stud Muffin.  Maybe that is why eighteen25 said they were for your hubby.  But I like to brake the rules.

Anyways, last night I made about 15 of these cute little guys and it took me about 30 minutes.

Since eighteen25 provides the free printable, it was so easy!  I stamped my valentine greeting underneath, made several tags with some scrap pattern paper, and attached with a itty bitty clothes pin. Ta-Da!

A way cute Valentine that wont look like you waited till last-minute (even though you totally did!).



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