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stretch bracelet tutorial 1

How to Make a Fishtail Stretch Bracelet

Follow this Fishtail Stretch Bracelet Tutorial for a fun handmade bracelet! The new trend in friendship bracelets.
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  • Mini Bands
  • Wood Box or small board
  • 2 Small Nails


  • Select the colors you want to use and the order they will go in.
  • Place the first band on the nails in a figure eight.
  • Add 2 more bands to the nails. The other bands are placed on normally, it is only the very first band that needs to be twisted.
  • Take each side of the bottom band and pull over the other bands and off the nails.
  • Place the next color band over the nails, and repeat the last step until your bracelet is your desired length.
  • To finish the bracelet continue looping the last bands over the nails without adding the additional band on top, till you are left with a single band still on the nails.
  • Take one side of the last band and put it through the opening of the same band on the other side of the nail and pull tight. ¬†This basically knots the band through itself. ¬†
  • Remove the bracelet from the nails and use the clear clasps that came in the package of bands to secure the two ends of the bracelet together.