DIY Wood Shim Tree Tutorial

Easy step by step tutorial
I just love Christmas, so Christmas decorating is so much fun for me!  I also love to make my own decorations.
This Christmas Tree is really a lot of fun to make and it comes together rather quickly. 
The finished tree stands about 17 1/2 inches high and the diameter of the base is 10 inches.  But it could easily be made larger or smaller by the size of the cone and number of layers.

For this Shim Tree Tutorial I have supplied you with an easy step by step tutorial that I hope is easy for you to follow.


I started with 3 packages of wood shims from Lowes.
Easy step by step tutorial
1 package of 14 shims cost $1.50. So this super cute tree only cost me less then $5 to make! 
Easy step by step tutorial

To Make the Cone Base
  1. Tape 4 pieces of 12 x 12 card stock together to create a large square
  2. Roll into desired cone shape and secure with tape
  3. Cut the bottom edge of the cone so it sits flat
I just grabbed card stock for the base, but wish I would have paid closer attention to the color because you will be able to see the paper between the shims. (I later cut out the paper where it was showing with a hobby blade, because I didn’t like seeing it.)
Easy step by step tutorial
With a hot glue gun start with the bottom and move up.  For my tree I used 16 shims on the bottom level, 13 on the second and 9 around the top.
I really like how the tree looked without being painted or stained. I debated on leaving it that way, but ultimately decided to get out the can of spray paint.
Easy step by step tutorial
I really like it painted green too!
And I think it looks really nice on my mantle/top of entertainment center.
(You get a point for each of my other DIY projects you can identify here!)
Easy step by step tutorial
What is your favorite holiday to decorate for?



  1. says

    Your shim tree is adorable! I just purchased the shims to make this a few days ago and hadn’t gotten it done yet. I better get on it, before Christmas has come and gone 😉


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