What to Make Out of Crystal Light Containers

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container

 I don’t know if your family is like ours but we go through lots of Crystal Light.  We usually buy several new containers a month.  The containers are so awesome but what can you use them for?  I went to Pinterest look for an answer to that question and this is what I found.  I am sharing my findings with you just in case you have thought about what you can use your empty containers for.

What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
What to Make Out of a Crystal Light Container
Do you hoard these awesome Crystal Light containers too?  What do you use them for?


  1. Monica says

    1. I use these Crystal Light containers for leftovers, they take up alot less space in the frig.
    2. Put leftovers in them to send home with friends after a cookout.
    3. Great for freezing water and making your own ice blocks for your cooler in the summer time.
    4. Great for small snack in the car or a backpack.
    5. Great for portioning some meats or frozen vegetables if you live alone.
    6. Great to keep on top of washer/dryer for all those items (screws,coins) you find inside.

    • Anonymous says

      I use them to put chunky jewelry in. I glued a small piece of foam to lid to poke matching earrings into for my jewelry sets. I have them lined up in a drawer for easy visibility and then I can easily use them for travel!

    • Anonymous says

      I use them to put a wet washrag in for when I go fishing. To clesn my face and hands with because it is usually hot out.

    • Anonymous says

      I made a Box Tops for Education bin from one! I covered it with paper and added a tag. Magnets on the back allowed me to hang it on my fridge!

    • Anonymous says

      We used them to make first aid kits in Boy Scouts. Each scout made his own “emergency kit”. Keeps everything dry when camping and canoeing!!!

    • says

      we buy doggy treats in bulk and instead of keeping the huge box out to get a treat for our dog everytime she comes in we keep doggy treats in the crystal light container. perfect size. I can’t wait to empty more of them to upcycle some more!!!

    • chrissy says

      I use one in my car for headphones and car charger for my phone/iPod….also my husband is basketball coach and I keep dry erase markers in one in my bag for his board! Thanks for all the ideas!!

    • Dana says

      I use them in the camper medicine cabinet to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste. Keeps water from dripping onto the base of the cabinet.

    • Terra says

      I use the containers to make candles..they make beautiful candles and with a little Pam, they slide right out.

      I cut them in half, put in drainage holes and use them for seed starters.

      I put treats for my dog in one and when he goes with us, they are in my purse.

      Lots of great ideas from others..I will be trying them.

    • Terry Lane says

      what great ideas! I’ve always came up with good ideas for medicine bottles. But that’s another day. I’m gonna try out a couple of these ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Anonymous says

      I’m right with you. Saving them because they were too good to toss but hadn’t come up with anything yet. LOve some of these a lot.

  2. says

    Cute ideas…I haven’t purchased Crystal Light in the past, but I am starting to think that I need to just for the containers!

    Thanks for linking up! xoxo, Tauni

  3. says

    We use them to hold cereal bars in the diaper bag! They don’t get crushed or “mooshed”, and so a snack is always at hand! I also carry one full of match box cars in the diaper bag, so that an adventure is always at hand. we can that one “The Bat Cave” LOL! thanks for the great post- I’m definitely going to try out of few of these ideas.

  4. says

    Such great ideas. I love to reuse contianers. I will have to look at the Crystal lite again, last time I checked it out it had aspetine in it and I do not do aspertine. If they changed their formula I will buy some. I am sure I have been drawn to the containers several times over the years, but did nto buy due to ingrdients.

    • says

      You might also check the wal-mart brand. That’s what we use but I don’t know what the ingredients are. We switched from Kool-aid because of all the sugar.

  5. says

    Ha, these are great ideas. I might have to start drinking Crystal Light just to get the containers, lol. Thanks for sharing at our party.

  6. AmieAnn says

    Who knew you could do soo much with Crystal Light containers!?! These are soo cute.. unfortunately I can’t make any since I don’t drink Crystal Light.. but I love all the ideas!
    Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo~
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

    • Anonymous says

      There are other drink mixes that come in containers like these. Walmart brand kool aid packs lemonade ect.

  7. says

    Wow! Thanks for sharing all of those great ideas with us. My favs are the ones made into gift boxes. I saw your post over at “Salt Tree” blog.

  8. says

    Great round up. I wish I could find Crystal Light in those fun containers where I live! We go through a lot in our house too. Thanks for linking up at SaltTree’s Open Call Tuesdays!

  9. says

    I’m a school librarian and I use them to hold bookmarks for the kids to use/take with them. They are just the right size!

    • Anonymous says

      I saw something about collecting boxtops. Here’s my ideas to combined them. Cut a slit in the top of the crystal light lid and put a magnetic strip on the back so it can hang on a metal surface aka…frigde or somewhere up and out of the way.

    • says

      Great idea! I live just outside Cleveland, OH and I have a friend in Fresno, CA I am collecting Box Tops for, now I can collect them in the container AND mail them in it! Genious!

    • says

      I’m from Fresno! Great idea to mailing those box tops to your friend. Would have never thought of using for mailing purposes until I stumbled upon this site.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi, I have always reused containers and everybody thought I was frugal or a tightwad,or was just plain crazy, but it’s not that. I don’t understand why you would throw them out when you have already paid once for a container, then go out and buy another one. I have used these for years to put small packages. of velveeta cheese in. You can use them for baby wipes or leftovers,lipliners,emery boards,homemade fire starters for camping, sticks of butter,anything you want to keep dry while boating,leftover hot dogs,snacks,cigarette’s and lighter(if you smoke), People are just filling up the the earth with things that could be reused.The uses for these are endless.Oh!, Alde’s has Fit and Active drink that comes in the same container. I’m glad to know I am not the only crazy one! Thanks, Jude in Kentucky.

  10. Jo says

    I wrapped one in fun scrapbooking paper, and stuffed about 8 plastic bags in it and stashed it in the car. Always good to have ‘trash bags’ handy in the car to keep it neat and tidy

  11. Anonymous says

    My husband thought I was crazy to keep so many of the containers until he found out all the things he could store in them from the garage. Nuts, bolts small electrical peices etc… I also label them and use them for spices, baking soda, which I buy in bulk. We put snacks in them, hair ties, crayons, markers. I figure out something different all the time for them. Very handy!

  12. Anonymous says

    My daughter spends A LOT of time at the pool in the summer. She keeps a Crystal Light container in her beach bag to slip her cell phone inside. It keeps the phone dry and protects it from any mishaps.

  13. Anonymous says

    When we go camping I use a Crystal Light container for our lantern mantles and matches to help keep them dry!

  14. Anonymous says

    I have a friend that uses them to keep all of her dried herbs from her garden in them. She also uses them to mix up her herbs for certain seasonings, like spaghetti. My daughter is making a magnetic makeup board and was trying to decide what to use to hold her brushes and eyeliners. I think this would be the perfect thing. A little spray paint and hot glue a couple of magnets to the back!

  15. Tracy Holtz says

    They are the perfect size to hold crochet hooks, a small scissors , and a measuring tape . I always have one in my crochet bag.

  16. Anonymous says

    I use them for storing my Christmas ornament hooks and my push pins for my cork board. Love these containers and the endless possibilities!

  17. Anonymous says

    I cut them down and crocheted a cover with scallops around the top for a pencil holder. I made crocheted baskets to match.

  18. Kelly says

    I had a cabinet that was a jumbled mess of bagged items like craisins, nuts, chocolate chips, lentils, etc. I have been clearing it up using these, Cafix and Ovaltine jars, depending on the size I need for each. A sharpie works great to label contents.

  19. Anonymous says

    I love these. I found you through Pinterest. I also use them for lunch money (its large enough so as not to lose it in your backpack but small enough to not take up large amounts of room), ticket or coin holders for at fairs or arcades, holding my utensils and napkins in my lunch box, travel salt and pepper shakers for picnics (poke holes in lid and store upright in ziploc bag), to hold small board game pieces, and bug catchers (make sure you make air holes) for the kids.

  20. says

    I gave a bunch of Crystal Light containers & Wyler drink containers (round generic beverage containers) to a soap maker friend I know. She uses them as soap molds for guest size soaps or sample soaps. They turned out the perfect shapes and sizes.

  21. Beth says

    I am making homemade “find it” games and these were going to be what I used (I’m actually going with plastic Voss water bottles) but I may still try one in my crystal light bottle to see which I like better. Love all these ideas though!

  22. Anonymous says

    After reading through these, I just thought of a great idea for a geocache! Perfect size for a log book and pen. =)

  23. says

    I’ve used them to make “mini” first-aid kits and sewing kits to keep in my car or travel bag. They are just the perfect size to hold a few band-aids, alcohol wipes, pair of vinyl gloves, 3×3 gauze pads, etc.

  24. Anonymous says

    We use ours to keep homemade modpodge, paint brushes and othe crft items in. Love the idea of using them as shipping continers.

    • Anonymous says

      Baby food jars work great in workshop/garage for holding small screws/bolts, etc. You can even nail the lids on a board, hang on wall, fill jars and screw on lid. Keeps up and out of way.

      How about for storing left over pudding in for a quick snack for the little ones, your own pudding cup.

    • Anonymous says

      I use old baby food jars for small sewing notions-those things that you buy a bag of but always have a few left over. My daughter (now 17) collected dirt on a cross country trip from each state, and painted the state’s name on them and made a shelf-neat way to see the different colors across the US!

    • says

      I save baby food containers for my mom. She makes jewelry and uses them as storage containers for her left over beads. Very handy and easy to store!

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Shaina, you can use them for cute, squatty spice jars. Just paint the lids any color you want and put your spices in. Put those little wire pencil baskets,from dollar tree, inside the door of your cabinet door by the stove and they will be cute and real handy. You can put labels on them to identify whats inside. Jude

  25. Anonymous says

    There great to hold crackers and other snacks when your going on atv rides, keeps things from breaking from the bumps and jolts of the ride.

  26. Anonymous says

    They are also the perfect size for storing batteries!! I have one for each size and we rarely run out of batteries now! I also have one decorated nicely right by my kitchen sink to hold all of the ‘points’ from certain pkging (box tops & Campbells Soup points) They also make cute coin banks for kids!!

  27. says

    I have had two empty containers from Aldi’s version of drink mix sitting in my pantry for a couple months now. My 3 yr old son and I went on a trip to the beach last Saturday and I found myself tossing all his “treasures” and my beach glass into my sling purse. I came home and dumpped all of it into one container and now we keep the other in our beach bag and I walk the beach with him filling it up with our “treasures”.

  28. says

    I have one in my car with a roll of the small trash can bags in them. Also a mini first aid kit with some bandaids, small pair of scissors, finger packets of single use antibacterial wipes, a few pieces of gauze squares and roll of tape. Another has a few bobbi pins, comb, small travel sized hair spray, needle and thread, a few buttons, one of those really tiny bon bon clear fingernail polish (to stop frays and tears) a fingernail file and clippers.

    Around the house I use one under my bathroom sink for trash bags. I keep hair ties in another. I send snacks to school in them, only half ever come back. I keep packets of equal in one and I fill another up with sugar to sit next to the coffee pot so I don’t have to drag out the big canisters. They hold crayons better than the box they come in, markers too. I use them to hold my spice mixes that I mix up myself. Instead of winding cords around the phone chargers to store, I just shove them in their own container. Takes up more room that way, but so much easier to deal with and makes it easier to find when I have to dig through the drawer. I also use them after my daughter opens a pack of cheese on cheese crackers. It has 6 in the pack but she normally only eats 2 or 3. So I just plop the open pack in the container for her next snack. It also makes it easy to portion out snacks for things like chips, cookies, fruit, pieces of cheese, etc. Throw a name on the lid and no more “she ate more oreos than me!” fights. And it helps my dieting too. I don’t need to buy the 100 calorie packs anymore, I make my own. I glued a few magnets to the back of a few to stick to the side of the fridge to collect the box tops to send to school and another to collect coke caps for the points and yet another to collect the tabs off coke cans for craft projects. I have also used them to help in the prep work for dinner for the week or the night before. I go ahead and get all the spices, liquids, butter etc, pre measured so I can just dump it in when I am ready. (I use a dry erase marker on the lid to remind me whats inside. It cleans off fairly well with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol) They are great for storing the left over onions so you don’t ruin your good plastic storage containers. I have had people need to borrow laundry detergent, sugar, fabric softener, even pancake syrup and sent it to them in these.

  29. says

    I don’t use Crystal Light but it gives me ideas for using the Pringles containers. I would have never have thought to use for leftover food or storing cheeses, etc. Been saving some trying to figure out what to do with them and this site just gave me some valuable ideas.

  30. says

    I have used mine for various things: crochet needles, box tops, barbie accessories (you know those tiny shoes that disappear in the carpet), plastic utensils, splenda packets, emery boards………

    They make handy containers!

  31. Anonymous says

    I keep all my small crafty bits in them. Love the new clear ones so I can see the beads, buttons, gems etc. my kids play with them a lot as well.

  32. says

    I’ve used the smaller ones as paint containers in my classroom. They are the perfect size. I also had another idea for the smaller container. This came from a Pinterest idea but she used a paint container purchased from a teacher store. I cut a 1/2″wide x 1 1/2″ long slit in the lid and use it for my students to collect “warm fuzzies”. When they finish work or are complimented on behavior, they receive a “fuzzy”. If they misbehave or don’t finish work,I take a “fuzzy”. “Fuzzies” are totaled on Friday and exchanged for prizes. This teacher had pencils and erasers (small things) but she also had coupons and stated that she was converting over to all coupons to help save money. I really liked that idea! :)

  33. Anonymous says

    I made a set for friends of mine who both wear glasses. I dressed them with fabric from t-shirts. Hers looked like it was wearing a little black dress and his was a shirt, tie and pants to match. They keep them on the night stand and when they go to bed they put there glasses in them. Another thing I do is keep a package of crackers in them and keep it in my purse to prevent the crackers from getting smashed. Being diabetic I sometimes need to eat a little something to stabalize my sugar. And I have one for my inhaler too.

  34. Anonymous says

    I love all the ideas. I have both crystal light and the generic containers. My family drinks a lot and it seems everybody like things their own flavor and sweetener my cabinets were a mess with different size and brands of tea etc So I used the containers to put their tea bags, equal, another for Splenda etc now everything is the same size and shape and where they are see through I don’t get asked all the time “where’s my tea”:)
    I think ms Kathy has quite a few new ideas to add to her blog:-)

  35. Anonymous says

    I use them for markers in both of my art rooms. I can quickly check and see if they all are returned with tops and they are quick to pass out and pick up.

  36. Therese Brown says

    wow!! these are some wonderful ideas, I love creative we can be. Thanks for sharing! wonderful site and very helpful!

  37. Anonymous says

    I use them for my special spice/herb mixes, as well as baking soda container. I find it’s cleaner to keep baking soda in a container with a reliable seal rather than the box that’s partially open and prone to spill. They are great for travel, too. I use them for transporting things like make-up, and even little condiment packets that are easily lost and can make a mess. Also convenient for smelly dog treats that come in a plastic bag (that never properly seals!).

  38. Anonymous says

    Hello just wanted to share on how I use my Crystal Light plastic containers I usually put me some plastic forks,spoons so when we go out to eat we can use a clean disposable silver, only becaluse we have had had some really bad experiences with the silverware from restuarants, so I ‘ge gotten smart and have resulted to just providing our own disposable silverware to use, I just toss them in the Crystal Light container and have them ready and handy in my purse..I also store Splenda packages for my husband because not a lot of restuarants have it.

  39. Anonymous says

    I use mine to store disposable silverware to toss in my purse so my family and I can use when we goniut to eat, we are done with the bad experiences we usually encounter when eating out. So I’ve resulted it ‘s better to be safe than sorry for my family.

  40. Anonymous says

    I use mine to put my daughter’s packages of Mum Mum baby rice treats in. Nothing worse than opening up a package and it’s nothing but dust! It’s the perfect size for a couple of packages to get you through the day!

  41. Anonymous says

    I use them to put those “sometimes used” things that I carry in my purse…such as, band-aid, safety pins, golf pencil, pre-wrapped toothpick, etc. It’s easy to transport these things when I change purses!
    I also use them for portioned jello cups. The lid keeps out any smells from other foods while in the fridge.
    Also, when I buy/open a container of seasoning (Paprika, chili powder, garlic salt, etc) I put half of it into one of these containers and in the fridge. It keeps it fresher longer…since you’re exposing the seasoning to air each time you use it over the months…then you just dump it back in when you’ve used the original amount and the container is ready for another use!

  42. Melody V. says

    I cut a piece of plastic canvas to fit straight down the center of the inside of the container. No need to attach it in any way because the curves of the container hold the plastic canvas in place. Makes a perfect earring holder for travel or purse. Hook the earrings through the canvas and no more lost or tangled earrings! Just lift the plastic canvas out to make your selection and slip it back down in the container. Container is plenty big for multiple sets to hang on each side of the canvas.

  43. Anonymous says

    I make wraps for my lunches often..they are perfect to use for these. I use them to carry my celery, cucumber,or carrots in too..

  44. Anonymous says

    I use the smaller ones to hold granola or fruit bars I’m my kids lunch boxes. It keeps the bars from getting crushed.

  45. Anonymous says

    After reading all these great ideas, I just used four to organize all the fast food packets in my fridge: ketchup, jelly, taco bell sauces and picante sauce. What a difference! That shelf was a hot mess, and now I can actually see what we have! It’s nice to keep those little packets on hand for picnics or tacos at home. It also inspired me to use a larger/taller container to organize all those pats of butter/margarine, too! Hooray!

    • Anonymous says


  46. says

    I have a few that ive used for planting herbs in.. a different herb in each container and decorated with the sticky shelf paper i have in my cupboards to match my kitchen.

  47. says

    Wow – thanks so much for the great ideas! My hub and I just emptied one the other night and left it on the counter because it was such a nice container and we didn’t want to throw it in the recycle bin.

    My daughter and her friends are off to college in a month, so they are each getting a pretty sewing kit and a first aid kit for their dorm rooms now – thanks for the perfect timing!

    • KIirsten says

      I use these all the time to transport townhouse brand crackers to work for my lunches when I have crackers and cheese. They are the perfect size and shape to fit the crackers in, and you won’t have a bunch of cracker crumbs when it is time to eat. It keeps them from crumbling.

  48. says

    Awesome blog, found you on Pinterest. I was so happy to read all your suggestions, and even all the tips in the comments as well. Now I don’t feel like such a hoarder for always saving these (and other) containers. So many great ideas! Most of my uses have already been mentioned (cotton balls, crochet hooks, used syringes, pens, etc.), and I also use one to keep a toothbrush (a short cheapy one I was given in the hospital, the common ones they sell now are too long) and trial-size toothpaste and floss in for traveling.

  49. Amber says

    I use them for many of the ideas already listed in the blog and the comments. My fav way to use them is for holiday crafting with my kids! I give them washi tape to wrap aroundthe outside and let them decorate with googly eyes, ppm poms, felt, glitter and pipe cleaners. Our last project: Easter bunny containers filled with grass, wrapped candies and small toys!

  50. Kerry says

    I poked a hole in the lid and put string in the container, fishing the end of the string through the hole in the lid and then reattaching the lid to the container. When I need string, I just pull it through the lid! I also packed one of these containers with all the loose stuff in my purse. Because it is translucent I can see everything and my purse is more organized.

  51. Celeste says

    During the summer I grow a lot of herbs (basil, parsley, sage, peppermint, thyme etc.) I use the containers to hold my dried herbs from the summer. they hold a lot of dried herbs. I also reuse the lg spice containers from Sam’s the same way.

  52. Stephanie says

    My kids have electric toothbrushes and they don’t fit in a standard toothbrush holder. So I wrapped one in pretty scrap paper, the their names on with stickers and then attached to the bathroom wall. Holds the toothbrush and the kids size toothpaste perfectly. Now each kid has their own container and my counter top is clutter free!

  53. Cat Woodward says

    I use them for storing catsup, mustard , soy sauce, etc packets left over from fast food meals. Each in it’s own container in the fridge.


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