Sewing Day: My Favorite Bag

I love Sewing Saturdays!  Every couple of months I get together with some of my sisters and my mom and we have a sewing day.  Sometimes we all do the same projects but this time most of us worked on different things.

My sister Tracy and I made this super cute My Favorite Bag by Kati Cupcake.  I usually prefer to sew without patterns, but that also means that what I sew doesn’t look anything like what I envisioned.  

The fun part for me is always picking out the fabric.

I love going to a fabric store and seeing so many choices, I take it as a challenge to find that perfect combination.  

I have been asked how I find my combinations of fabric so I thought I would share.  It does require some time and a lot of walking back and forth but I think it is all so much fun, so I don’t mind.

First, I walk through the fabric looking for a couple prints that I absolutely love.  I usually grab like 2 or three.  That will be the main fabric.  Then I pace back and forth several more times trying to find fabrics that I think coordinate well.   Once I have my coordinating fabrics for each of my favorites I lay all of them out and decide which grouping I like best.  Sounds easy but it can take up to an hour.  That is why my husband refuses to go to the fabric store with me!

The pattern was very well written and wasn’t very difficult to follow but I would say that it is for the more experienced sewer.  It was fun to do the grommets because I had never used those before so I now I have another trick in my hat!

I really do love how it turned out and I am so excited to carry my stuff around it in because I know I am going to get compliments on my totally cute bag.

I also love all of the pockets along the outside and inside.  You can’t have too many pockets!

Since Tracy did a couple of projects on our sew day she wasn’t able to finish her bag on our Saturday so I don’t have pictures,  but I will be sure and post them when I get them.

Do you remember my iPad Mini Case Sewing Pattern I made a bit ago? My niece Tyler tackled that same project. I love the colors and the fabrics that she chose.  She did such a good job!

My sister Carla, my niece Jennifer and my Mom all worked on making scarves.  I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures because they were all so cute.  But I plan on making one soon so I will show you mine.

Tracy also worked on this super cute Valentines Banner.  I actually bought the stuff to make a similar 4th of July one so act surprised when you see it on my blog!

The weekend was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting together with my family.  We laughed, shared stories and created.  You can’t get better than that!



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    Cute bag! I love the fabrics you used. I haven’t made a bag in a while. I have been sewing more clothing and home dec items lately. This inspires me to get busy and make a new bag or purse.

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    Love love love this bag!!! I want to make one!! I will have to figure out how to do the gromets. When I have made bags… I have used the bottom of any (as big as you can find) plastic jug….just make sure you put something like duc tape around the edges of the jug–you know where you have cut off the spout and where you have cut it down to the height you want. It is those edges that are quite sharp. I do this because it gives the bag bottom more “staying power”..for example it does not fold and crumble when the jug bottom is in place.

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    This bag IS super cute. Loving the look of this bag and you did a great job with the fabric. I know about spending an hour in the fabric store. However, I usually spend more than an hour. It’s fine when it is busy and no one can notice you, but when you are practically the only person in the store…which seems to happen to me. I feel like everyone is wondering if I am ever going to pick something! Proud of you for doing those grommets. That is next on my list! Great job!

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    Oh my goodness, Katie ~ I love this bag and the fabric you chose. Thanks so much for linking it at Project Inspire{d} ~ your bag is one of my features for the week! I hope to see you again at this week’s party.

    Mary Beth

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