Repainted Ceramic Owl

Repainted Home Decor
I know I have told you before but… I LOVE OWLS!
I just think they are the cutest! 
Now, I know that I am not the first one to do this, I have actually seen this done on several other blogs.  But he is so cute that I didn’t think you would mind seeing another.
I found this little guy at the Dollar Store.
Repainted Home Decor
 He is kind of cute here but definitely needed the paint job.  This is what he looked like after 2 coats of acrylic paint.  I originally wanted to use spray paint, but I couldn’t find the color that I wanted so he got painted with a brush.  I am not too fond of the brush marks but couldn’t get away from them so I am living with it.
Repainted Home Decor
I didn’t buy him for a Halloween decoration, I intend to keep him up all year long,  but he does look really cute with my Halloween Decorations.
I got the cute Halloween Blocks from Summer Scraps who sells them on Etsy!
Repainted Home Decor
Repainted Home Decor



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    I also have an owl addiction and LOVE that you repainted this! I also love that once painted with acrylic it almost has a wood finish! Thank you for linking up to our Halloween Linky Party!

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