Presenting at Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2013

Last week I posted a quick little bit about having the opportunity to go to Orlando, Florida.  I had so much fun and since I don’t have another post ready I thought I would tell you a bit about my weekend. 

I work at the Home Office of Stampin’ Up! and I was asked to teach a class on Blogging at our Leadership Conference and to also help with the event in general.

I had never been to Florida before and was loving the weather!  Especially while my husband was texting me pictures of all of the snow he were getting at home.

My class was on Friday afternoon so I got all spiffed up that morning because I still helped with the event for whole day.

In the hall we had small boards we could put some information up about our classes.  For whatever reason, I was thinking the board was going to be much bigger so my print outs were all really big.  I ended up not having enough room for all of my stuff so I had to be selective as to what I put up, but it was fun to see it all put together.

Many people were even taking pictures of it!

Here is the sign that was in the hallway showing where my class was. Eek!  It was so fun to see my own name!  I know I am a little crazy but I brought it home and am thinking of getting it framed and hanging it my Craft Room!

The classes went really well, and I was very surprised when I wasn’t nervous at all.  I felt really comfortable teaching, but of course this is something that I love and am very passionate about so I am sure that helped

I really had so much fun and I really hope that I get the chance to do it again!

While at the event I got the chance to meet many of my demonstrators in person.  I work with them on a biweekly basis but it is always over the phone so that was a lot of fun. 
Here is my team after the Friday Night PJ Party.

We flew back to Salt Lake City very, very early on Sunday Morning and I am exhausted.  But it was totally worth it.  Thanks Stampin’ Up for letting me participate and help in this fun event!
Just one more quick little tid bit:
I love taking pictures out the window of the airplane and these are 2 of my favorite from the trip home. 

It’s good to be home, even though I have to go back to all the heavy layers and scraping ice off my car windows in the morning.


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