Paper Chain Fall Wreath Tutorial

How to Make a Fall Wreath
I just love fall colors.  I think they bring a feeling of warmth and home.
Awhile ago I was browsing Pinterest and found this cute little diddy.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
I love the look of this wreath!  So of coursed I pinned it.  And can you believe I actually made something that I pinned?  Crazy huh!
This wreath was made by Michele at Michele Made Me.  She has a really great step by step tutorial with pictures so I am not going to recreate it.
I knew I wanted my wreath to be a fall themed so I made my paper chains from yellow, orange, red and brown card stock.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
I used an embroidery hoop as the center of the wreath and wrapped it like Michele suggested.  It was a little tricky at first  but then it started to come together.  I like how it looks “naked”, but I wanted to add just a little bit more to it.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
A couple of weeks ago I bought some sketch pens that go in my Silhouette and I hadn’t gotten the chance to try them out yet.
They are so cool!  (To do this you will need to have the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.) I picked a font from my computer and typed out “Give Thanks, opened the sketch window over the words and selected continuous.  Remove the blade and put the Sketch Pen where the blade goes and select cut in the software.  Then the Silhouette starts drawing!
How to Make a Fall Wreath
Doesn’t it look cool?!
I started with a 12 x 12 sheet of paper.  After the Silhouette drew on the paper I cut it down so it was 2 x 12 inches and cut 2 more pieces that were 2 x 4 inches.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
Score the 2 ends of the “Give Thanks” strip 1/2 inch in.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
I sprayed a light spray of Gold Smooch Spritz over the strips of paper.  It didn’t show very well in the pictures but gives it a very light sparkle.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
Glue the 4 inch strips of paper into the score fold of the “Give Thanks” strips and trim the edges to look like a ribbon.  Hot Glue the back side of the score and glue to the wreath.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
That is all there is to it!
Didn’t it turn out so cute?
How to Make a Fall Wreath
How to Make a Fall Wreath
I hung mine on the inside of my back door.
How to Make a Fall Wreath
Where will you hang yours?


  1. says

    I love this wreath – so ingenious. Think I will definitely have to try it. I have the Cricut and the pens but haven’t really utilized them. Think maybe I will have to dust them off and try them out. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Snap…..

  2. says

    I used to make those paper chains all the time from the perforated edges of print-outs from a Dot Matrix printer (remember those?) but I would have never thought to make a wreath from them! Love it!

  3. says

    So pretty! I could see making these wreaths for all seasons and holiday by just changing out the colors! Thanks for sharing at the party this week! I’ve also featured this on my Facebook page :-)

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