Hanging Lolly Art

I have had a lot of fun the past few weeks making things for my girl’s rooms.  This is my newest creation.

They are cute and super simple to make.

I got the idea from Ashley’s Dandelion Wishes and she has a great tutorial as well.

I started out with my choice of 3 papers

Home Decor Art

For each larger circle you will need 4 strips of paper that measure 6 x 12.  For the smaller green and blue circle I used my Big Shot and the Designer Rosette Die.  It pre-scores the Lolly and gives it a fun edge. I only needed 3 strips for that one because it is smaller.

Score every 1/2 inch and then accordion fold the strip of paper.

Home Decor Art

When all 4 pieces are scored and folded glue the ends together so you have a large circle.

Home Decor Art

When you push the sides down it will make a lolly.  To secure the lolly take a smaller scrap of paper (I used the white circle to the left of the lolly) and pile on the hot glue.
Home Decor Art

Put the scrap of paper with the glue in the center of the lolly before it is pushed down and push down pushing the outsides to the center.

Home Decor Art

Then put a little squirt of hot glue in the very center to hold it nice and tight.

Home Decor Art

I then used a coordinating color and cut out another circle design from the  Pennants Big Shot Die and hot glued it on.

Home Decor Art

Then I topped it off with a little strip of ribbon and a button.

Home Decor Art

All 3 of the lollies on the floor.  (I love how the colors coordinate each other!)

Home Decor Art

And here they are hanging from the ceiling in the corner of my girl’s room.  Ashley suggests using fishing line but that was out in the shed and it was snowing so I used some clear jewelry cord instead.

Home Decor Art

It looks so nice hanging there because the lollies turn just a little as they hang. 

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing the “how to”s for these cute lollies! I am “pinning” your post so I will know how to do them when the time arises. I saw your post at “A Creative Princess”.

  2. says

    These are darling! I love that you could do any colors to match any room.
    Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  3. says

    So, so cute! I love your colors. Don’t you love using scrapbook paper for decorating? I sure do. thanks for the great idea. Have a wonderful day!

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