Gift Card Box Tutorial

How to make a gift card box
Do any of you play Bunco?  I have a group of friends that get together once a month to play Bunco.  September was my month to host which means it is at my house, I cook dinner for everyone, and I get to choose the prizes.  I decided to do gift cards to different restaurants and fast food places.  But you know me! I couldn’t just hand everyone a plain, boring gift card.  I had to make them cute!  So I made boxes that fit the Gift Cards perfectly and dressed them up a bit.
I even made a video so you can see exactly what I did.  I hope I don’t bore you to death!

My boxes measure 3.5 x 2.25 x 1 inch.  I made them a little deeper so they could also be used for candy.  But did you know you can make this box any dimension you need really easily?

Different Sizes
To figure out the card stock size you need for a different size box, try this formula
  Card stock width: 2 x height of box + finished box size
  Card stock length: 3 x height of box + 2 x finished box size

These are all of my boxes.


How to make a gift card box

But this one was my favorite!

How to make a gift card box
There are 12 people in my Bunco group and only 11 Gift Card Boxes and everyone gets a prize.  So the person with the lowest score got Peanut Butter, Jelly and a loaf of bread.  They don’t get to eat out!  Yeah, I think I am pretty funny!



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