Fast & Easy Silhouette Gift Card Holder

Christmas Gift Card Tutoriual

I am really not a fan of giving gift cards for Christmas (which is really quite strange because I LOVE receiving them), but I have some friends and family that I want to buy for but I never know what to get them.  So I have been known to resort to the trusty gift card.  To me, I feel like I have given up and wasn’t willing to put forth the effort, (which my husband reminds me is crazy because again, I love gift cards).

So to make up for my lack of a perfect gift, I at least want to make the gift card look pretty and presentable.

Last week when I was getting the last couple of things together for my family Christmas Party I realized that I hadn’t “wrapped” my brother in law’s gift card yet. So I turned to to my Silhouette Cameo.

A couple weeks ago Deer Card Pocket (Design ID #36245) was the FREE File and I had downloaded it. So I thought this was a perfect time to put it to use.

I cut the 2 main pieces out of green card stock, and the deer silhouette out of white.

Christmas Gift Card Tutoriual

Fold the envelope on the score lines and apply glue to the tabs.
Christmas Gift Card Tutoriual

Then I glued the Deer Silhouette to the front of the envelope pocket and used a red rhinestone as the nose.  Used a couple glue dots to secure the gift card to the pocket insert and finished it off with a piece of ribbon.

Christmas Gift Card Tutoriual

Easy Peasy!

I actually put the whole thing together in front of my photo box as I was taking pictures and it took me all of 5 minutes and that includes the taking picture time.

Christmas Gift Card Tutoriual

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