DIY Ponytail Holder Necklace


I love jewelry, and when I saw the Ponytail Holder Necklace on Madigan Made I knew that I wanted to make my own.  It is so simple, cute and I love how unique it is.
The ponytail holders I used came from a discount store, they were only $1.  WAHOOO!   All they had were the holders with the big balls and I was a little worried that the they would be too big.  But I shouldn’t have been worried because chunky necklaces are all the rage right now.
The package of Ponytail Holders came with 12 but I only used 8 for this necklace.
Start by cutting the balls off of the elastic bands.
I used a long piece of black sheer ribbon to string the balls on.  I cut the ribbon longer then I knew I would need it because I would rather have too much then not enough.
About 1/3 way in tie a knot in the ribbon and then string a smaller bead on the longer end till it is tight up against the knot.  You will need the smaller bead because the hole on these balls are quite large and it would slip right over the knot.
Then start stringing.  I did 2 black, 2 clear black, 2 white, 3 clear, 2 white, 2 clear black and 2 black.  I am sure there are lots of different cool patterns that you could do and that is what makes it fun!
Add the small bead at the end and tie again to keep the balls secure.
The whole necklace came together rather quickly and I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I wore it to church and had several compliments and they were amazed when I told them what I made it out of. 


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    This is such a great idea. I remember these ponytail holders from when I was a little girl. I’ll have to buy some to make a necklace like this. Thanks so much for sharing at Project Inspire{d}.


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