Blog Speak: Successful Consistency

Consistency is a strategy that will help you be successful in your blogging efforts. See how being consistent help me launch my business.
I am sure that you hear it all the time, “for your blog to be successful you need to be consistent!”. But what does that mean exactly? 
When I first decided that I wanted to start my own blog consistency to me meant that I would blog several times a week.  My blog is now almost 2 years old and while I am by no means perfect, I have learned a couple of things along the way. 
The first one, in my opinion, is the one that people think of most.  Consistency means posting on a regular basis.  My blogging schedule is 4 times a week – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  This is a very realistic plan for me.  I can (usually) post 4 times a week and not feel overwhelmed and still get everything else done in my life that needs to get done.
Having a regular posting schedule is very important.  If you can be consistent your readers will see you as a reliable blogger with new and useful information.  But you need to find a schedule that will work for you.  It doesn’t need to be as specific as mine, like what days to post, but that is what works for me.
Consistency means coming up with a plan and sticking to it.  My blog has a mission statement and it is even a part of my header to remind me why I blog and why I do what I do.  I love to blog because I get to share what I create and hopefully inspire others to create as well!
I have had several companies contact me, wanting to purchase space on my blog or for me to endorse them.  I always try to keep my mission statement in mind, and if it doesn’t fall in line then I won’t work with them or endorse them because I don’t want to confuse my readers by sending them mixed messages.
Consistency means using other Social Medias to help promote your blog on a regular basis. Now this one is one that I am working on because I know that I could be better.  I once heard someone say that you should spend more time promoting and marketing your blog then you do on your blog itself.  After I heard that statement I had one of those “well that makes complete sense, why didn’t I think of that” moments.  
Yes, my blog is where I ultimately want all of my readers to go, but to find them I need to grab their attention where they already are and bring them to my blog.  Pinterest is by far my largest contributor, but facebook and other blog’s linky parties play a big role as well.  But for those methods to be successful I need to make sure that I am posting new content regularly. 
So whatever you want your blog to be, making sure that you are consistent really can go a long way. 
What do you do to make your blog consistent?




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    Thanks for this post! I just started blogging about a month ago and I have been trying really hard to make sure I am doing 3 to 4 posts a week. I don’t have a regular schedule in terms of what days and time, but I have been doing about every other day. In your opinion, do you think that it consistent enough or should I be doing a set schedule like you do? Just wondering your opinion, it is always nice to chat with someone that has been doing this awhile! Thanks!

    -Heather @ The Unsophisticated Kitchen

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      It is really finding what works best for you. I choose specific days because that helps me stay on track and makes it so I can’t procrastinate. But if going every other day for you works, then go for it. Just make sure that what you decide to do you can continue long term so you don’t burn yourself out.

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    I started a blog and I try to have a post up every day but I don’t know about the other stuff that goes into promoting a blog and I said that I would try to learn more about that this year. I am not sure exactly what else needs to be done to promote so I hope that you will do another post on that part :)

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    This is a great article. I have had my blog for exactly a year and I have just over a dozen followers because of my lack of consistency. I have been trying hard recently to be really consistent with my posts and promoting everything. Thanks so much for posting this :) it is great motivation to not give up!

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    Just popping over from SNAP! I agree – you’ve got to be consistent so your readers know what to plan on. I’ve got to be better about spending more time on social media though. I’ve slacked off a bit lately with that because of how FB has changed and doesn’t seem to help much these days. Thank goodness for Pinterest! :)

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    Thanks so much for this reminder Katie! Since consistency is not one of my strong points, I do a few things to help me keep up:

    1) I like to save ideas as “drafts” whenever I think of them, even if they’re not complete. It might be just a title or a paragraph or a quote or even a picture. Then, when I am in a hurry, I don’t need to try and come up with something to write about – this really speeds up the process for me. (as long as I don’t let myself get hyper-focused! haha!)

    2) If I’m “on a roll” with lots of ideas and feel like writing a bunch, I can create a couple of extra posts that are ready to go so on those hectic days, all I have to do is click “PUBLISH” each day :)

    3) Or even better, if I know it will be busy (i.e. vacation, sports season, etc), I can pre-schedule the posts to do a week automatically for me. (I haven’t used that one yet but it’s a great idea! hee hee)

    Alison – a really easy way to promote your blog is to simply share a link to each of your posts on your Facebook page with a little comment. That way, as your friends see you continue posting consistently, eventually they will click on something that interests them. You can do the same thing with Pinterest – only with great pictures! Then your friends will pin the pictures, and their friends will pin them, and. . . you get the idea – people interested in what you are blogging about will start visiting your site! :)

    Have a great day everyone!

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    I blog on MWF and try to follow the same set of marketing steps each time. I’d love to create an “editorial calendar” for my blog (Mondays are recipes, etc.) but I always end up getting excited about something else and throw it out the window. I wonder if it would make a difference if I actually stuck to a calendar.

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    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it and I guess a once a week linky party is pretty consistent. I’m hoping to do more. But that’s not looking like it soon. I have lots of posts up in my head that need some time to get out in print!

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    Hi, I just found you. When I tried using the button on the right to subscribe on google feed reader it did not work (Google asks if I meant thecraftyblogstalker dot blogspot dot com). Is google messing up or is there a problem in your button link?

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    Great tips. I have been blogging for over 5 years. My goal is to post Mon-Fri, one post a day. Busy weeks like this I have 2 posts a day. I have a checklist to make sure I did all of my social media each day. I came over from Through the Dutch Door Linky

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