About Me

Hello, Blog Land!

This blog has been in my thoughts for a very long time and I am so glad that I have finally decided to do it.  I am not new to blogging, but I am new to all the things you can do with a blog.  So I will probably be making little changes to my blog along the way to hopefully make it better.  I am excited to be sharing all of my crafting adventures with you!

As for me (since that is what this post is supposed to be about), I am married to the most amazing man.  Truly he is.  He is very supportive of everything I do and is always there to help me along the way.

I also have 4 amazing children.  They are very close in age and it was a lot of work for a long time but now that they are all a little older I have more free time for me and I love it.  I love being a mom and having 4 kids gives me even more excuse to craft because I am making things for them *wink*wink*

Overall, my family is completely amazing and I am very thankful that they put up with me.