6 Pack of Treats

I love fun, thoughtful gifts, and who wouldn’t love to receive a 6 pack of treats.  I know I would! *hint*hint*  (:

How to Recover a 6 pack holder

I got the idea from Catherine at Cat on a Limb.  She recovered her 6 pack box and used it as a tool caddy which is very smart.  But who wants to paint when you can grab your 6 pack and sit in front of the TV (or Pinterest) and DO NOTHING!!!  

How to Recover a 6 pack holder

Catherine gives a great step by step tutorial with pictures so I didn’t bothering catching every step.  I just did exactly what she did.

The person I was making it for really likes the color purple so I tried to pick colors that I knew she would like.

How to Recover a 6 pack holder

I must admit that my favorite part was drinking the Cream Soda.  Oh, how I love IBC Cream Soda.  I wanted to leave my friend a couple bottles so I drank 4 and left 2 for her.  But I didn’t throw the bottles or the caps away.  I washed them out really good and then let them sit for a couple days to make sure the inside was good and dry.  Then I filled them with small candies: Smarties, Skittles, M&M’s and Candy Corn.  But really any small candy would work.

How to Recover a 6 pack holder

Then, my favorite part, I left it on her desk at work.  It was a fun gift to make but I think it was a great gift to receive as well.

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